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A Good Airline.

Very nice flight with a layover in the Seychelles. We left on time, no delays. Very friendly flight crew. The meal was more than satisfactory...

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Economy CDG - MRU More than 3 years 5 reactions 55 views
marie 72300

Good airline

This was the first time that I've taken a B747-SP.
In fact, it was a shortened 747. It's a little strange but this type of plane carries fewer passengers than a 747-400 but with an almost larger range.
Obliging flight crew.
Meals were very good.
They followed the schedule.
There was an overall feeling of security.

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Economy CDG - MRU More than 3 years 5 reactions 22 views

Appalling, don't respect their commitments

My wife and I were traveling with our 22-month old baby so we specifically reserved 3 seats together so we could better take care of and manage the baby on our return from vacation. However, to our astonishment during check-in a stewardess told us that we would be seated separately, with me 10 rows away from my wife and baby. What's more our baby was sick and did not like being separated (which is why we had specifically reserved adjoining seats in advance). During the entire length of the flight, no member of the flight crew tried to help my wife or to clean the seat where the baby had thrown up.

In short, I'm leaving this review in order to make sure that this type of incident, which I consider extremely serious and unprofessional, does not happen again since during the flight several passengers encountered the same exact problem.

Best regards.

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Economy CDG - MRU More than 3 years 6 reactions 241 views

The pleasure of travelling

We recommend this airline to go to Mauritius.
The crew was extraordinary, friendly, kind, attentive.
The meal, which included an appetizer, was very good. There were no restrictions.
The airplane was a bit old, but still very good.
No problems on takeoff and landing.
Information, boarding, check-in: all perfect.
In-flight entertainment was a bit limited, with a somewhat old screen. When you travel at night, though—as we did in this flight—, this isn't a problem.

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Economy CDG - MRU More than 3 years 5 reactions 161 views

CDG - Mauritius and Mauritius - CDG

2nd trip to Mauritius on Air Mauritius.

Departure was on 1/19/14 at 4:20 pm from CDG. Check-in was fluid and quick. Boarding started at 3:35 pm, with no delays, and they were always thoughtful when you had children, giving you a small priority.

Takeoff on the Flamboyant was on time, and to my great surprise there were interactive screens on board with a large choice of recent and older movies, animation for the children and games. The time passed much faster.

The flight crew was just as helpful and cheerful as before, the food was satisfying and the breakfast was very hearty.

The landing at the new Mahébourg airport was smooth and on time. Speed, efficiency and quick baggage claim. We were in the taxi within 30 minutes.

The return flight was on 1/31/14 at 11:35 pm and I don't have anything to add except there was a little surprise for the children on board: a bag with the colors of Mauritius with a hat, coloring book and stuffed toy. It was a nice touch.

Landing at CDG was smooth at on time. I am still very satisfied and I am looking forward to our next vacation with Air Mauritius.

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Economy CDG - MRU More than 3 years 4 reactions 165 views


décollage prévu à 16 h 20 de Paris CDG pour une arrivée à l'Ile Maurice à 6 h 35 (vol direct)
Retard sans aucune explication fournie aux voyageurs de plus de 8 h 00.
Finalement décollage à 0 h 30 pour arriver à 14 h 00 à l'Ile Maurice.
Sur un séjour de 7 nuits, nous avons perdu 1 journée.

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Economy CDG - MRU 02/2019

Service agréable

1er voyage dans un A380. Voyage agréable. Repas correct. Choix des films important, mais pas de wifi de Paris à Dubaï (de Dubaï à Maurice, je ne sais, ma fille dormait).
Il faisait froid à bord, heureusement qu'1 couverture nous était fournie. Mais la clim laissait échapper des goutellettes.

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Economy CDG - MRU 07/2018

Perte de qualité

Embarquement anarchique (d'habitude, on commence par les sièges du fond...).
Accueil mitigé; repas médiocre. Siège dur; écran acceptable.
Partant en vacances on accepte, à la rigueur...

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Economy CDG - MRU More than 2 years

Le pire vol de ma vie

Avion énorme 777-300 avec 10 passagers de front. Rangées très serrées impossible même de croiser les jambes. Mais le pire est le personnel. Pas aimable, pas souriant, pas serviable et agressifs. 11 heures d’enfer à l’aller et 12h peniblissimes au retour. Ils n’ont même pas voulu m’apporter un verre d’eau en pleine nuit. C’etait À moi de me lever pour aller me servir. A fuir. En tout cas pour nous, c’est la dernière fois. Ah oui.... en plus, c’est le vol en eco le plus cher... la honte ultime...

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Economy CDG - MRU More than 2 years

Vol annulé

Le vol prévu a été annulé suite à un problème sur l'avion. C'est très perturbant, même si c'est un cas de force majeur. Nous avons donc été logé...

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Economy CDG - MRU More than 3 years 2 reactions
Daniel E.

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