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A great flight

A very pleasant flight. Check-in was flawless. The crew was very nice and really fun. When we arrived in, the pilot invited us into the cabin. We...

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 11 reactions 267 views

A trip in time

The 767-300 parked on the tarmac at Roissy 2 had a new exterior. Unfortunately, the interior hadn't changed any since Julio sang about it. Despite...

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 6 reactions 327 views

No complaints

This was a PARIS - MIAMI flight. It took off exactly on time. The landing was perfect. The service onboard was perfect. There was just an order for...

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Reply from the airline
Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 1 reactions 111 views

A pleasant surprise this time

The check-in at Roissy happened in just a few minutes with no waiting. The flight crew was friendly, even though they still don't speak French, at not least officially.

The Boeing was still just as old, it's been fifteen years since I've been taking it and back then it was already a bit outdated. The food was very good.

AA has finally ended its ridiculous onboard policy: drinks are now free, although the selection is limited.

There are still no individual screens, so bring something to read.
The seats in economy class were tolerable, I've seen worse on Air France.

And best of all a "miracle" in Miami: I left the plane and passed though customs in 20 minutes, a first for me. I was early for my connecting flight!

However, to be honest they are still far from the top when it comes to overall quality.

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 5 reactions 182 views

Good value for the money

Family trip with two children aged 4 and 2. We did a Paris-Miami roundtrip with XL Airways for the holidays. The outward flight was on Sunday...

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Reply from the airline
Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 7 reactions 289 views
Eric dB

Very good service

Great reception. The crew was very friendly, obliging and attentive. What's more, the meal and drinks served on board were very good. The seat was very comfortable and its inclination was perfect. The takeoff and landing were done smoothly. The temperature on the plane was very pleasant. I'm very happy with American Airlines.

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 8 reactions 266 views

A pleasant flight

Air France is a good airline and knows how to take care of you. I was able to travel with my dog, which weighs 12 kg, on the seat beside me...

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 13 reactions 115 views

A very good flight

To be honest, when I chose this airline (for the price) and then read the criticism afterwards, I was a little apprehensive! However: yes, there isn't an enormous amount of space between the seats; yes, there isn't a TV at every seat; but the meal is very decent, the cabin crew are charming, the plane is new, and frankly, considering the price, I can't find anything to criticise! The 20 kg of checked in baggage and 5 kg of hand baggage allowed is less than you find elsewhere, but it's still good, frankly (and the baggage was returned too!).
Both the outbound and return flights were on time, so no problems there.
Personally, I preferred to save 800 euros on the cost of our two tickets so I could spend it elsewhere during my trip!
When I travel to the south, spending 8 to 10 hours on the road, I don't have a TV, I'm not seated comfortably, and I have a sandwich to eat, yet I don't complain!
The essential thing for me is the safety, isn't that the case for you?

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 27 reactions 1,1k views

Truly unpleasant return trips

Truly unpleasant return trips. The cabin crew is unfriendly but the ground crew, in Miami, is even worse. The plane was old, had no personal television screens, no leg room, revolting food and no children's meals.
To cut a long story short, never again!

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years

Une catastrophe

Vol retardé d'une heure puis de 2 heures puis en fait descente de l'avion pour une nuit d'hôtel.

Lendemain matin, encore du retard à l'embarquement. Aucune information n'est donnée !

On nous laisse moisir en salle d'attente ... plus jamais pour moi et ma famille.

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Economy CDG - MIA 07/2017

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