Paris Charles De Gaulle - London Heathrow

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British Quality

Check in at CDG in the junction hall between 2A and 2C. No queue but a professional welcome at the Club Europe desk. There is no official priority...

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Economy CDG - LHR More than 2 years 2 reactions 29 views

My first flight aboard a plane

It was my first time flying on a plane and I was pleasantly surprised by a number of things. With respect to the seats, I thought they were quite...

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Economy CDG - LHR More than 3 years 9 reactions 86 views

Good Flight slightly delayed

Luggage checked in at CDG for a flight to Narita with stopover in London. Flight departed slightly late because of the weather conditions in Paris...

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Economy CDG - LHR More than 3 years 20 reactions 569 views

Excellent flight

General: Excellent flight.

Comfort: This was the most comfortable plane I've ever been on, a very well laid out very Airbus A319.
Plus it was almost empty.

Service: The quality of the service was excellent.

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Economy CDG - LHR More than 3 years

Vol rapide et efficace

Embarquement c'est un peu le bazar, pas très bien organisé à mon goût mais ça ne gâche en rien le vol, cela est un détail. Aujourd'hui nous volerons...

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Economy CDG - LHR 09/2015 1 reactions 94 views

Paris-Londres by BA

Départ pour Londres à bord d'un vol british airways, opéré par un A321, immatriculé G-EUXG. Enregistrement rapide et embarquement par bus à CDG. Les...

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Economy CDG - LHR 08/2015 4 reactions 72 views

Encore un CDG-LHR by BA...pour aller plus loin

Encore un avis sur Paris Londres en éco avec BA? J'en ai déjà fait et décrit tant et il n'y a rien à redire. L'enregistrement se fait certes en...

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Economy CDG - LHR 08/2015 6 reactions 152 views

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