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A Good Experience.

First successful experience with WOW air.
The plane made a good impression: clean, with a minimum amount of space.

The flight crew was friendly and welcoming. Of course, the coffee and other snacks cost extra, but that's how low-cost airlines work.

Only negative: the flight was 1h30min late.

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Economy CDG - KEF 06/2016 1 reactions

Not too good really

This is just another low-cost airline like various others.
The seats were cramped and there wasn't enough legroom.
The take-off and landing were very good.
The problem was their punctuality: delayed by one hour, train missed, no goodwill gesture from the airline, and nobody for me to speak to at the desk at the Roissypôle complex at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 1 reactions 62 views

A reliable company

Competitive fares, punctual flights, rapid check-in, friendly crew, and little funny phrases scattered around the plane.
Admittedly, everything on board cost extra, but that's true on every low-cost airline. This was a trip of just a few hours, so it didn't matter that much.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 1 reactions 26 views

Awful service

We departed on time from Paris. The ground crew was nice during check-in, but it was impossible to check the bags directly to Reykjavik - we would...

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 5 reactions 222 views

Not bad at all!

Very comfortable amount of legroom for a three-hour flight.

Personal IFE for a three-hour flight: perfect!

Buy on board in operation.

Departed on time; arrived ahead of schedule: perfect!

Boarding was a bit disorganised.

The staff were very professional.

Punctuality was perfect.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 2 reactions 121 views


Icelandair is a serious and efficient airline: pleasant crew, punctuality, and safety. Highly recommended. The seats were comfortable and the...

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 3 reactions 265 views

Top Quality for the Price

First experience in Iceland, for my trip I tried out this low cost company which stood out from other price levels.

Flights there and back were both excellent, no delays, very nice welcome aboard, clean airplane and we were even offered an in-flight movie on the return trip (plan on having your own headphones however). Of course, you have to know how to play the game. There is a charge for drinks and snacks, as well as checked baggage, and carry-on baggage is limited to one bag per passenger.

Accustomed to trips and working in the air, I have been won over by this company's quality to price ratio (150€ round trip, including checked baggage and taxes, unbeatable for the destination!).

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 24 reactions 154 views

Discovery trip to Iceland

Discover trip to Iceland thanks to a great promotional offer (250 euros for a return flight) timed between two eruptions of the volcano Eyol Plus...

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 5 reactions 294 views

Très bonne compagnie

Départ à l'heure, l'enregistrement est rapide. Repas à bord conformes à la classe économique , Distribution gratuite de boissons . Personnel à bord souriant. Bref, bon vol.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years

Avion barbie

Si vous rentrez dans l'un de leurs avions, vous allez être surpris. Vous voyez déjà à l'extérieure que l'avion est rose, et bah l'intérieure est aussi rose. C'est jolie, c'est un avion barbie. Sinon les sièges sont dignes de vol pas chère et confortable pour les 3H de vols. Le décollage et atterrissage c'est bien passé (on a rien senti). Hélas niveau lecture,pas de magazines sauf la boutique à lire ou de la publicité pour un bar à Reykjavik. L'enregistrement n'est pas très claire. J'ai attendu 1-2 heure(s) pour l'enregistrement alors qu'il fallait aller au comptoir qui se trouve à côté pour les enregistrement internet (le comptoir ou il n'y avait pas de queue) et c'était pas indiqué à l'avance. Sinon on a retrouvé nos bagages et l'avion a été à l'heure. :) Le personnel est poli. Par contre si on veut acheter quelques en vol, c'est forcement en carte bleu (pas d'espèce).

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Economy CDG - KEF 07/2017

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