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A Perfect Flight!

A very good airline. We made a round-trip flight from Paris-Tokyo and Tokyo-Hanoi on the airline ANA. Check in was simple, the planes were recent...

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Economy CDG - HND 03/2016 132 views

A very good flight

This was a very good flight and met the standards promised by the airline. There were no delays. The food was up to standard. The seats were wide...

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Economy CDG - HND 04/2015 5 reactions 196 views

A flight with few passengers and a nice cabin crew

The trip began with a pleasant surprise: the plane was only half full!
The legroom was just sufficient, but because there weren't many people onboard I was able to lie down across four seats, which is a great luxury in economy class.
This was a good quality, night-time flight. Following the meal, shortly after take-off, the lights being turned off and the window shades lowered until half an hour before landing allowed for relatively good sleep, despite day breaking very quickly, around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.
For those who don't sleep much, the choice of films was first rate and very exhaustive, ranging from great classics by Godard to new releases. Not being resident in France, I was pleased to be able to watch the latest French films!
And finally, the cabin crew were very nice and available to serve. It had been a long time since I'd last flown with Air France and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the service. A black mark, however, for the meals and snack, the spinach omelette for breakfast... Can do better!

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Economy CDG - HND More than 2 years 7 reactions 74 views

Pleasant flight

Pleasant overnight flight. The plane was almost empty, so there was an entire row for us to sleep on. The flight attendants were very nice despite their sometimes rather weak English.

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Economy CDG - HND More than 2 years 2 reactions 70 views

Very good flight

This was my first flight with ANA and I wasn't disappointed. The plane was in perfect condition. The crew were permanently cheerful and attentive...

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Economy CDG - HND More than 2 years 33 reactions 285 views

Toujours un plaisir !

Rien à redire sur ce vol sans faille avec un service à la hauteur de l'attendu.

Air France fait la différence clairement sur les autres compagnies dans son service à la clientèle, on se sent pris en considération et à chaque fois c'est un vrai plaisir !

C'était dans les nouvelles cabines du 777, bien installé, assez spacieux pour un vol de 12h, franchement surmontable.

Vol et personnel très agréable.

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Economy CDG - HND 02/2016

JAL, toujours aussi bien !

Cela fait plusieurs années que je fais des vols avec JAL, et j'en ai toujours été satisfait. Et sur ce vol, encore plus.
L'avion était un B777-200, et les sièges, en classe eco, sont répartis en 3 - 3 - 3, ce qui permet d'avoir de la place, le repas à bord était très bon, et les films diffusés étaient récents, bien sur il s'agit d'un système de VOD.
Mais le plus impressionnant était le temps de vol. Les grandes compagnies japonaises sont réputées pour leur ponctualité, mais arriver avec 40 minutes d'avance sur l'heure prévue, c'est mieux que de la ponctualité !!

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Economy CDG - HND More than 3 years 13 reactions 92 views

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