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A good flight, comfortable and pleasant but still a little disappointing.

This flight was between CDG Paris and Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. Boarding was efficient and takeoff was on time. The plane was very clean and the...

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years 4 reactions 983 views

A nice flight despite the delay

Departure with a two-hour delay due to an ADP (Paris Airports) strike. After waiting one hour in front of the gate, we had to wait inside the plane, where they served us drinks and chips.

The in-flight entertainment system was working, making the wait bearable. The legroom was relatively comfortable, the meals were good, and they served you drinks at your seat throughout the flight. Information for connecting passengers was given before arrival and they were taken care of after landing. The only downside was that there was a very small selection of films in French, which can be a problem when traveling with children.

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years 2 reactions 120 views


A very good airline. The check-in was rapid, the hostesses cheerful. It was a 747-400ER, so quite modern. The seats were wide, legroom was decent, and there was interesting in-flight entertainment. In short, it had all the good things. The meal was delicious. By contrast, the landing was a little bit brutal, which meant I nearly vomited. And as for the baggage at arrival: that was very rapid. I recommend this airline to everyone!

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years 4 reactions 189 views

Excellent flight

Very pleasant night flight on an A340. Good legroom and a nice entertainment system—though there were few French movies.
Takeoff and landing were very pleasant and on time. The cabin crew was friendly but not very active, in my opinion.
The only downside was the meal, which wasn't really at the same level as everything else, but still wasn't anything that would keep me from flying with this airline again.

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years 6 reactions 340 views

No complaints

About a Paris-Sydney roundtrip via Hong Kong The boarding crew was pleasant and attentive. Check-in and takeoff were on time. The cabin crew was...

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years 16 reactions 1,6k views

Trè bon vol

Départ à l'heure.
Bon accueil du personnel, grand choix de films, séries et musique.
Un peu léger du coté des repas.
Avion très propre.
Arrivée à Hong-Kong avec un passage de douane hyper rapide.

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Economy CDG - HKG 09/2019


B 777 relativement récent bien entretenu .Places 31DE Premium. Siège avec bonne inclinaison mais le dossier du Passager devant vous s'incline aussi et c'est très gênant, chez Air France le siège est pris dans une coque "beaucoup plus confortable.
Pour le service à bord "stricte minimum et sans sourire" aucun rapport avec Singapour air line. Pour le reste "Correct sans plus"

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Business CDG - HKG More than 3 years

A shame!

A shame. My name is Maxime. I had a terrible issue with Cathay Pacific (I took more than 15 tickets with them in the past 2 years as i am hong kong...

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years 3 reactions

Très bonne compagnie.

Très bonne impression déjà en arrivant à l'aéroport où nous avons été très bien accueillis par le personnel. Enregistrement rapide et très courtois.

L'embarquement a été très rapide.

Nous avons été agréablement surpris par la place pour les jambes et par la taille des fauteuils qui sont très confortables.

Tablette tactile et films en nombre suffisant rendent le voyage moins long.

Le repas pour nous était très correct, nous qui voyageons souvent en charter.

Le personnel était très aimable et à l'écoute des passagers.

Très bon vol.

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Economy CDG - HKG More than 3 years

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