Paris Charles De Gaulle - La Havane

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Long flight to Havanna !

The boarding took a very long time, and the plane was about 90 minutes late... (nevertheless, we landed in Havanna on time).

The meals were quite good, the service ok (some drinks are at your disposition next to the "kitchen", you can get up and have some).

They have a very good and varied selection of movies and music. Unfortunately, my screen worked for 2-3 hours, after that it juste froze and the crew couldn't do much about it... I had my kindle so I read for the rest of the flight, but else it would have been veeeery long !

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Economy CDG - HAV 08/2015 2 views

A disgrace!

Over the course of both the outbound and return legs of this flight we experienced every negative incident you could possibly imagine happening with an airline! STEER WELL CLEAR!
- flight cancelled without warning
- flight delayed
- lost baggage
- kept at the airport due to being on the waiting list, without knowing when we'd be departing.

And on top of all this, the Aeroflot staff were as unpleasant as can be. We spent eight hours waiting in the transit zone without knowing what was going to happen to us. Not a single member of staff wanted to speak to us, nor provide us with a glass of water even!

The holidays were ruined. This is an airline to steer well clear of! It's disgraceful to treat people in this way!

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Economy CDG - HAV 04/2015 2 reactions 63 views

Comfortable, with plenty to keep you entertained

A flight with Air France departing from Paris Charles de Gaulle.
A long flight, but the personal screen lets you keep yourself entertained and relaxed. Additionally, they listen to the passenger's needs when it comes to the meal and the bar service, making the flight all the more enjoyable.

Arrived in a hot, sunny Havana after more than eight hours flying.

Punctuality faultless, check-in quick and straightforward, everything was in place for a good flight.

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Economy CDG - HAV More than 3 years 7 reactions 242 views

Un vol agréable

Le 12 janvier. Arrivée à l'aéroport une heure avant le départ (c'est agréable de ne pas "poiroter" 3 heures pour faire la queue), d'ailleurs il n'y...

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Business CDG - HAV 01/2016 1 reactions 46 views

Premium eco : beaucoup de com, peu de confort

Salon AF 2E : 14h30 - le menu de l'après-midi est ridicule (en termes de qualité comme de quantité). Une chiffonnade de poulet recomposé, du fromage...

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Economy plus CDG - HAV 04/2015 4 reactions 79 views

La qualité (CDG - HAV)

On connaissait AirFrance pour son service de qualité mais alors là, c'est le top.

Du décollage sans encombre à l'atterrissage impeccable, tout était parfait.

A part les toilettes qui, un moment avaient du être occupé par quelqu'un de particulièrement sale. Je l'ai d'ailleurs signalé.

Le bar a volonté est toujours aussi appréciable.
Le repas était super. Le vin plutôt bon et le dessert absolument génial :)

J'ai hate de reprendre ce vol!

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Economy CDG - HAV More than 2 years 6 reactions 71 views

Plus jamais ce cauchemar

Nous étions à 8h du matin à l'aéroport pour enregistrer les bagages ensuite nous avons eu que des problèmes. L'embarquement a été sans cesse décalé...

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Economy CDG - HAV More than 2 years 29 reactions 1,1k views

Bon et moins bon

Départ du terminal 2F ,mais gros problème à notre enregistrement, nous étions un groupe de 34 personnes, enregistrement sur les bornes, première...

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Economy CDG - HAV More than 2 years 1 reactions 68 views

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