Paris Charles De Gaulle - Hamburg

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A flight without any notable problems

There were no problems with this early-morning Air France flight. The plane, an Airbus A319, had seats that were old and somewhat uncomfortable, but luckily the flight was short. The pilot was a little brutal on landing (slammed on the brakes). Otherwise, no complaints.

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Economy CDG - HAM 07/2015 1 reactions 50 views
tartine 31

Flight was delayed

Once I got onto the plane I saw that I had been given a Plus seat without having paid the fee. So the seat was comfortable and had a lot of legroom. There were magazines available and the snack was average quality. The takeoff was delayed by around 50 minutes since a passenger was sick, which required intervention from emergency medical services. Takeoff and landing were smooth. Check-in was pretty long. There were no problems with the luggage. The flight crew was very friendly.

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Economy CDG - HAM 07/2015 1 reactions 16 views

Rapide et efficace

Vol en business en soirée avec un service rapide et efficace. Priorités respectées lors de l'embarquement. Siège central neutralisé, ce qui donne...

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Business CDG - HAM 09/2015 1 reactions 17 views

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