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A Little Airline Without Problems.

Problem with charter airlines: takeoff was very early in the morning and we had to arrive very early, 2 hours before, so 4 in the morning. This...

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Economy CDG - FUE 05/2016 1 reactions 410 views

Lack of legroom

There was not a lot of space between the rows of benches (yes, you read that right, they were benches with fixed armrests, not chairs).

Although I'm a little large, there was enough seat space. However, I'm also tall and there was no room to stretch out my legs.

Spending three hours with your legs folded is very, very uncomfortable.

The crew was great and the schedule was followed.

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Economy CDG - FUE More than 2 years 2 reactions 169 views

There, it hurts . . .

First of all, this is my first Internet review.

There was a delay of 15 hours . . . and 5 minutes. But that was just the beginning. They promised us hot meals on board as compensation, and finally gave us 20 sandwiches to be shared between 200 people . . .and they charged us!

However, the most shocking thing was the seats.
It looked like they came out of a low-end Lada from about 1957 . . .one manufactured for the domestic market.

For a one-hour flight, that punishment might be tolerable, but for a four-hour flight it's just not possible.
Avoid this airline whether you're traveling solo, with your family or with your friends.

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Economy CDG - FUE More than 2 years 7 reactions 359 views

Don't believe the negative internet reviews, this was a very good flight.

At the beginning we were apprehensive about taking a Polish airline that is almost unknown in France, and the reviews on the internet weren't reassuring.

We were pleasantly surprised by the punctuality, friendliness and professionalism of the crew.
The plane was clean and we felt safe.
On the other hand everything on board cost money, which makes sense since this airline is low-cost.
The flight attendants were Polish but they spoke a little French, the Polish pilot spoke French and the co-pilot was French.

So you can be confident flying with Enter Air :-)

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Economy CDG - FUE More than 2 years 4 reactions 278 views

An airline that is pretty recommendable


I had the opportunity to test Enter Air on two occasions for two pretty similar flights Paris Fuerteventura and Paris Lanzarote (AR).

Like the good investigator that I am I looked into this airline before my first departure and I saw some horrors (especially the drunkenness of a pilot on this same route), so after that I was on the brink of canceling my ticket but that wasn't possible since I had bought my ticket with a TO (Thalasso No. 1).

I left from Roissy on the mythical T3 at a very early time, but I was still happy to be going on vacation. I got onto a B737 that was in good shape. The stewardesses were all Polish except for a copilot who had some bits of French (pretty cool).

Overall the flight went well, we felt safe thanks to the professionalism of the crew. On the other hand, the food was vile and too expensive.

So in the end, except for a big delay of 2 hours on the return this is an airline that is I can recommend. Above all, don't listen to all of the comments, you can fly on these planes in complete security.

Thank you.

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Economy CDG - FUE More than 2 years 3 reactions 320 views

Flight with no problems

We are coming back from Fuerteventura. The roundtrip went really well, always on time. The crew was nice and even served us two complimentary drinks. Screens also kept us informed of the flight progression throughout the trips.
In short, it was all good!

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Economy CDG - FUE More than 2 years 14 reactions 690 views
Fabien 60

An airline to avoid

The plane was an old one (Boeing 737) for the outbound leg. The cabin crew were not very nice at all.
The outbound flight was delayed by 45 minutes and the return by more than 1 h 30 min. No information was provided. There was no goodwill gesture made onboard the plane. They have the audacity to sell you triangular sandwiches for €4.50. It was cold aboard the plane during the flight...
I recommend not using this airline!

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Economy CDG - FUE More than 3 years 4 reactions 274 views

A young and small charter flight airline

ENTER AIR, a young charter flight airline, is not very well known by the great public. The airplanes are not very new, but they seem to be in good...

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Economy CDG - FUE More than 3 years 260 reactions 8k views

Vol très sympa pour Fuerteventura avec Travel Service

Nous avions réservé un séjour d'une semaine à Fuerteventura par une agence, pas plus d'informations concernant la compagnie aérienne, probablement du Charter. Nous découvrirons plus tard qu'il s'agit de la compagnie Tchèque Travel Service.

Vol très agréable, avec un équipage entièrement français, un bon point.

Service gratuit de boissons froides et chaudes. Des sandwichs payant sont proposés à la vente.

Nous aurons aussi des informations détaillées sur le vol par le commandant de bord en plus des écrans avec la géo vision.

Espace pour les jambes réduit, mais c'est largement suffisant pour aller aux Canaries. Le siège s'incline légèrement.

Cabine propre et moderne.

Départ et arrivée à l'heure, voir en avance.

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Economy CDG - FUE 09/2016

Vol sans problème

Compagnie très sympathique, hôtesses charmante, vol très confortable de 3h15.

Atterrissage parfait, rien à signaler, comme toutes compagnies low-cost les prestations sont payables à bord.

Je reprendrai cette compagnie.

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Economy CDG - FUE 09/2016

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