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I really love flight with middle east airlines. It was comfortable, nice and the food was excellent. The service was fast and great.

It is always a pleasure to fly with middle east airlines.

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Economy CDG - EWR More than 3 years
Serge r

A wonderful trip in the "friendly skies"!

I decided to get back home earlier than expected because of an unexpected family event. United was wonderful to me into getting me a seat on an...

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Economy CDG - EWR More than 3 years 6 views


At 10:00 am they announced that the copilot was ill and they were trying to find a replacement. That was the first time I'd heard that particularly...

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Business CDG - EWR More than 3 years 8 reactions 231 views

What a wonderful new airline from a world traveler!

Having a glass of wine in lounge awaiting my return flight to the states. I am a seasoned world traveler obtaining Million Miler with Delta.

I love this airline! My husband and I booked a last minute trip, 5 days before departure. Same price every day. We can be spontaneous and not penalized.

Checkin is very quick and then time in first class lounge. On our flight from Newark we were escorted to the gate. Great seats and wonderful late night meal.

Before we booked the flight I read reviews. One is rubbish. The counter is obvious in both locations.

We are already planning another trip with LaCompagnie. Use your imagination. We flew to Paris and then cheap flight to Rome. We will use this airline as a business class spring board to Europe.

Sammie Be***n

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Business CDG - EWR More than 3 years 7 reactions 128 views

Absolutely perfect

The seats were very comfortable, inclined to almost 180° and provided a lot of legroom (I am 6'2" tall) We were given Samsung (too bad) tablets to...

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Business CDG - EWR More than 3 years 65 reactions 320 views

Stay away


To begin with, there was an enormous line at the United counters. The wait was almost 1 hour.

Our flight left one hour late because of a defective part (B757-200). The flight itself didn't have any problems.

The onboard service was adequate, but alcoholic beverages cost extra. The screens (individual) were really small and there were few French movies.

The cabin was rather small for an eight-hour flight.

One positive point: since the plane was small, boarding and luggage delivery went quickly.

The worst was the return flight from Las Vegas. We got back 48 hours late. The LV-Chicago flight was canceled so it was impossible to catch the Chicago-Paris flight. United did nothing to compensate: nothing for food, nothing for hotels . . . Basically, avoid it.

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Economy CDG - EWR More than 3 years 3 reactions 264 views

A great experience.

We took advantage of an introductory offer from this new airline to take our first flight in business class. We waited in a VIP Lounge at CDG...

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Business CDG - EWR More than 3 years 39 reactions 370 views

Low-cost, long-distance flight

Already be aware that SAS has "economy" and "economy +" classes. Other airlines also have this, with a real difference in service. SAS economy+ is...

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Economy CDG - EWR More than 3 years 8 reactions 875 views


Very good flight, large choice of in-flight entertainment. Quick take-off and smooth landing. Meal basic but nourishing. Cabin crew somewhat cold.

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Economy CDG - EWR More than 3 years 3 reactions 102 views

Worse than just negative because the plane was cancelled.

As flight UA 55 of the 24th December 2013 was cancelled, we spent Christmas Eve at Roissy in a dingy hotel, hoping to fly the following morning...

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Economy CDG - EWR More than 3 years 8 reactions 257 views

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