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Terrible, avoid at all costs. The flight had a 24-hour delay.

To make it short:
The plan: 2 Paris/Delhi/Melbourne tickets.
The reality: Paris/Delhi/Sydney/Melbourne (with a 24-hour flight delay!).

Apparently the delay was caused by an airport that always has weather problems. The food was terrible; I've never been so hungry on a flight.

The return flight: another delay, a missed train and a suitcase that had completely burst open and was missing a wheel. After about 50 e-mails they still haven't reimbursed me.
I wouldn't wish a flight like that on anyone.

Air India: Terrible. Bad staff and customer service.

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 11 views
Maud B.

Meal needs review

Boarding was onto an almost-new 787-8 that seemed surprisingly spacious and had enormous windows.

The interior felt very comfortable, there was generous legroom, the seats were pretty big and the plane wasn't full. Three seats all to myself on a night flight like this one, you can't ask for more.

There was no announcement from the pilot, which was too bad. The staff spoke English that was almost impossible to understand.

Service began very soon after takeoff, but just beverage service.
A meal followed, and it's too bad that there was no beverage service during the meal. There was the choice of two meals, chicken or fish. The dishes were very spicy, which must have spoiled the taste because they didn't seem bad at all.

After that, the flight crew didn't come by until breakfast, just stayed at the back of the plane talking.

Excellent in-flight entertainment, with a large selection of movies, series, games, etc.. Very thorough in-flight information system.

Soft takeoff and landing that were on time.

Luggage was sent directly to Sydney.

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 4 reactions 120 views

Very good

It was a real pleasure to take this company because I love eat chicken and they gave me a lot of meat :)
No seriously, it was good.

My ticket was very cheap so I expect this kind of food, services... Nothing was wrong. I'm tall so seats are a bit to small for me but I enjoy the trip with this indian compagnie. The transfert in the airport was good.

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 1 reactions 7 views
Sylvain G.

Disgusting food, incompetent and unpleasant staff

We traveled from Sydney to Paris with Air India and we had a stopover in Delhi. The waiting time was so long so we spent the night in a hotel...

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 15 reactions 507 views

Flight crew was a pleasant surprise

For once the flight crew was smiling, attentive, etc. Woo-hoo!
Bad luck though, 6 sixty-something Indians, going to Paris enjoy themselves? They kept me from relaxing, and nine hours is a long time. They were worse than kids.
Otherwise no complaints. Air India still has the quality/price ratio. The best.

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 1 reactions 284 views

Very surpised

I flew with Air India on the 30 June, 2014. The space between the seat rows together with the ability to recline the seats meant I was able to get some rest. There was a wide range of films and games available on the personal screens. The meals were of good quality, and quantities were sufficient. The take-off and landing went well. The temperature was well regulated: not too hot, not too cold. The boarding and check-in processes went well. Staff were in attendance and available, and there wasn't too much of a wait at the airport. The baggage arrived in good condition. The cabin crew were very nice, though a little difficult to understand due to the accent. I recommend this airline.

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 4 reactions 282 views
Mathieu P.

Standard flight

Phew! They finally got some red wine. However, the crew was the same as on all of the airlines I've taken, Air France, KLM, Turkish Airlines etc. Distant and barely civil, but at least on Air India the price is good, not to say unbeatable, for direct flights.

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 2 reactions 209 views

Quality and price

I've been flying with Air India 3 times a year for 14 years. Once I took KLM and another time Air France. When it came to price they were 40% to 50 % more expensive and sometimes more, but otherwise they were the same. The only problem with my last few flights on Air India: no red wine! They only had white.

So why pay more?

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 3 reactions 504 views

AI and India = perfect ;)

Well, to begin, hello everyone. I went off to India with my mom and my sister. For starters, Air India was an unknown entity for me. I was afraid...

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 28 reactions 3,5k views
Samy Samouche

Fantastic service!

An impeccable plane, with welcoming and attentive cabin crew. The take-off was on time, while the arrival at 9 in the morning was slightly early.
There were three choices of meals - vegetarian, chicken or fish. Aperitifs were served with snacks beforehand. Alcoholic drinks were offered (whisky or beer), and a choice of fruit juice, tea, coffee or water.
The seat was comfortable, a blanket was offered (it was a night flight) - and there were music, films and games on a state-of-the-art screen with personal headphones.

In summary - a great flight!

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Economy CDG - DEL More than 3 years 23 reactions 1,2k views

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