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Appalling (CDG - CUN)

The size of the seat was punishing for a long-hail flight. There was no individual screen and the meal was mediocre. It was particularly cold on the flight and blankets cost extra. The flight crew was always very concerned.

This was my second trip with XL Airways (previous one was Punta Cana) and this will be the last since I will look at what other airline companies that can be used on my trip.

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Economy CDG - CUN More than 3 years 6 reactions 174 views

Avoid on long-haul flights

The lowest of the low-cost. It would be impossible to provide less service. This is without a doubt the least comfortable airline I've ever seen in more than 20 years of frequent traveling.

The planes were dilapidated (seat completely ruined, worn out seatbelt) and as uncomfortable as possible. There were no individual screens, cramped seats and drinks that cost extra.

The meal was good. No delays. Baggage claim was fast.

I requested seats in front of the emergency exits since my friend is very large. I had to pay an extra € 120/person.

At check-in, it was impossible to get window seats since all of them had been reserved for organized groups.

Conclusion: OK for a short flight but avoid it for a long-haul flight if you don't want to arrive exhausted and bent in half. It's better to pay €50 more to fly on a better plane.

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Economy CDG - CUN More than 3 years 3 reactions 380 views

An airline to avoid

Small amount of legroom, screens not working, headphones not working, and to top it all, the glasses of water... had to be paid for! I have only one word for it: disgraceful! I will never travel with this airline again.

But if only that had been all... the cabin crew were very unpleasant, especially with those people who were scared of flying: no words of comfort, no help in trying to overcome the fear.

So, one to avoid!

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Economy CDG - CUN More than 3 years 10 reactions 207 views

Very good! Despite the bad reviews on the forums!

Hello. After reading the reviews about this airline, we had many reservations! We went on a roundtrip with XL Airways and, to our great surprise, we...

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Reply from the airline
Economy CDG - CUN More than 3 years 12 reactions 435 views

Should be completely banned for long-haul

We travel abroad on a long-haul flight every year. This was the first time we'd travelled with this airline. We were originally three hours before...

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Reply from the airline
Economy CDG - CUN More than 3 years 10 reactions 433 views

À éviter.

Un vol de 11h à bord d'XL Airways, un vrai cauchemar. Les sièges : Afin de faire des économies en kérosène, la compagnie a changé les sièges de ses...

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Economy CDG - CUN More than 2 years 3 reactions 218 views

Compagnie d'escrocs et personnel méritant d'être licencié !

Bonjour à tous. Chers amis voyageurs, Vous sachant tous grands consommateurs de miles aériens, je tiens à vous mettre en garde contre les pratiques...

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Economy CDG - CUN More than 2 years 5 reactions 450 views

Une horreur...

Ce vol avait été sélectionné par le tour opérateur, donc imposé.

Manque de place dans l'appareil, personnel peu aimable, couvertures payantes, boissons payantes, une télé pour 20 personnes (de 20cm...), connectiques jack écouteurs défectueux.

Si à cela on ajoute un groupe de fêtards alcoolisés (le personnel n'est pas intervenu malgré la gêne occasionnée) et des nouveaux nés qui ont hurlé tout du long. Ce voyage a été un cauchemar !

Question : A quoi pensent des parents qui embarquent leurs nouveaux nés dans un vol long courrier ? Les turbulences de l'avion, altitude et douleurs oreilles perturbent ces enfants en très bas âge et cassent les pieds à 80 personnes. Car en prime vous pensez bien que pour calmer leurs enfants, ces mêmes parents s'amusent à promener leurs poupons sur toute la longueur de l'appareil. Comme ça, tout le monde en profite ! Merci, vraiment merci...

Bref, XL Airways : À boycotter !

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Economy CDG - CUN More than 3 years 3 views

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