Paris Charles De Gaulle - Copenhagen

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Decent flight

The flight was generally fine:
- slightly delayed (the plane turned up late)
- comfortable seat, sufficiently spacious (emergency exit)
- no real service onboard (just a coffee or a tea... that's a bit too little in my opinion)
- arrived at destination more or less on time (the delay was made up during the journey)
- Copenhagen Airport is absolutely great. It's ideal in terms of the convenience it offers when you're catching a connecting flight.

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Economy CDG - CPH More than 3 years 1 reactions 261 views
Gurney Halleck

Be very carefull with their mobile application

I downloaded Easyjet application in my mobile, and did the check in through it. They generate a boarding card in the application 1 month before the flight.

The day abefore the flight I check it and the boarding pass still ther, the day of the flight when I arrived to go directly to take the flight and I needed to show the boarding pass, it was dissapear from the application, the time it took me to go back to get my boarding pass printed in the resgistration desk makes me miss my flight.

They did not wanted to accept their application mal fonction and did not wanted to reimbourse my flight.

This is very unrespecfull to offer services and devices when they do not really work. I trusted that application and because of their bad fonctionality I miss my flight !

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Economy CDG - CPH More than 3 years 1 reactions 22 views

Atterrissage en douceur malgré zéro visibilité

Un vol Air France, un peu mouvementé car pas mal de turbulences surtout au décollage et pendant la phase d’atterrissage. Mais un atterrissage super...

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Economy CDG - CPH More than 2 years 38 views


Un excellent vol, à l'heure et même un peu en avance, dans un A319 tout neuf, avec un super service et une pause café bienvenue, le tout pour un prix très bas (120 euros l'AR).

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Economy CDG - CPH More than 3 years

Vers Copenhague

Le jour de mon départ vers Copenhague, c'était la tempête de neige sur tout le nord de la France. L'aéroport de CDG était presque complètement...

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Economy CDG - CPH More than 3 years 3 reactions 38 views

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