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A very good airline

We made a round trip (Paris - Canton) flight in economy class to get to Cambodia (our final destination) and we were very satisfied. We were a little wary after some negative reviews but we were happily surprised. There were no delays on any of the flights we took with them (4 in total). The reception was admittedly not too cheerful but very professional nonetheless. The plane was very clean and comfortable, with enough legroom (more even than some more highly-rated airlines). The food was good (in-flight meals are never great but that's not what's important) and drinks were served regularly.
They even passed out a toilet kit.
I would not hesitate to take this airline again in the future.

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Economy CDG - CAN More than 3 years 1 reactions 476 views

A catastrophe, an airline to avoid

Take-off was delayed by three hours in Paris.

There was wait of over 12 hours at the airport in Guanzhou. Nobody could speak English on the plane, or they didn't understand or didn't want to provide any explanation for the delay, or about how to catch the connecting flight.

There were no personal screens, even though it was such a long flight! There were just communal screens installed at ceiling height providing more or less one TV for every 50 people. I find that truly incomprehensible on such a long flight. The seats were extremely cramped; fortunately I'm not that big: there really was very little room to stretch out the legs.

You have to collect your baggage when changing plane! Then you have to check it in beforehand at the stopover when flying from Paris to Guanzhou (China) then from Guanzhou to Bali. I'd never encountered that before either.
The food was fine. In short, I will never in my life use this airline again. It is the cheapest, but I would rather pay an extra 100 euros.

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Economy CDG - CAN More than 3 years 4 reactions 426 views

A very good airline

When something is good, you should admit that it's good.

I was really pleased with my flight on Air China.
I was apprehensive after all of the negative reviews that I'd seen, but it was nothing like that. The flight crew was very friendly (I was in economy class) and came by regularly to serve us drinks and collect any garbage we had. They also cleaned the bathrooms every 15 minutes.

The meal was very good, there was always the choice between two options and the portions were big enough. They were on time. The pilot did a good job; I've hardly ever seen such a good landing (almost perfect).

We felt secure (unlike on other airlines). The seats were comfortable with a lot of legroom (I'm 5'4") and good inclination. There was a wide variety of entertainment (a lot of movies organized by category, few films in French but a lot with English subtitles), a lot of games but not a lot of newspapers.

Luggage arrived in 15-20 min. good in-flight information (in Chinese, English and sometimes French). I strongly recommend Air China.

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Economy CDG - CAN More than 3 years 8 reactions 1,3k views

The best company to use for traveling to China

This is the best company to use for traveling to China.
It's reliable, on time and has a staff that speaks English.
It also has a better quality/price ratio than Air China.
I recommend this company.

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Economy CDG - CAN More than 3 years

Entière satisfaction des prestations

Mon mari et moi avons revenons du Vietnam et avions réservé nos vols sur China Southern Airlines. Nous sommes entièrement satisfaits des services de cette compagnie: horaires respectés, personnel souriant et compétant, nourriture correcte. Nous avions même demandé un siège de préférence près du couloir et d'une issue de secours et cette demande a été respectée. Bref, je recommande cette compagnie qui, de plus, offre des tarifs attractifs.

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Economy CDG - CAN More than 3 years 2 reactions 173 views

Dubai / Canton

Les vols de Dubai à Guangzhou (Canton) sont toujours aussi désagréables chez Emirates. Est ce vraiment la compagnie qui est à incriminer ? Je monte...

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Economy CDG - CAN More than 3 years 12 reactions 1,1k views

Décollage de Paris avec 4 heures de retard, pour cause incident technique sur A340.
Vol correct, ensuite jusqu'à Beijing, puis second vol avec encore deux heures de retard pour incident technique. A320 jusqu'à Guangzhou-bayun, bon aussi, service à bord impeccable, repas et autres, personnel aimable et disponible, indispensable de parler anglais. Pas d'information quant à la cause des retards, il faut quémander pour des informations. Equipage toujours très aimable et serviable, repas très corrects.

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Economy CDG - CAN More than 3 years 1 reactions

Sécurité: Avant ce voyage j'étais une grande flippée de l'avion! Lorsque j'ai embarquée, le personnel naviguant s'est bien rendu compte que j'étais...

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Economy CDG - CAN More than 3 years 6 reactions

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