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A good flight but . . .

Nice flight, nice atmosphere. I recommend it for traveling.

However, there isn't enough space for a person with a large frame. Having played rugby, I'm big, and the seat was too small.

There weren't enough French-language movies for a flight this long: just 4 or 5 movies for 13 hours of flying.
The meal was sufficient in both quantity and quality.
Takeoff and landing were smooth.
Pleasant temperature.
There was little information provided during the flight.
Check-in and boarding took a long time.
They had a good luggage system.
Friendly staff.
Excellent punctuality.

There was a lack of information provided for some travelers. I suffer from sleep apnea and none of the people I asked, whether at the window or before the flight was able to give me a response.

Please make the necessary changes, since I can't be the only one.

It was impossible for me to sleep since I snore due to the apnea, so I'd risk annoying some of the other passengers. Please try to make efforts to remedy this so that the people who need to know can prepare themselves.

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 332 views
Alexandre B.

Weather problems: they don't care about their passengers

The problem with CSair is that the airline doesn't do anything to help you if your flight is rescheduled or canceled. I had to work hard to arrive...

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 10 reactions 1k views

Not that nice and not the most cheerful, the East Asians

Direct flight from Ganzu to Paris
The cabin crew were not at all nice.

The baggage was right on the limit, down to the last gram.
Had to unpack the suitcase in front of 200 people in order to make it lighter, basically.
You're lost if you don't understand Chinese or English.

And they say we French are very bad at speaking English. It's going to be hard work, this.
They got the boarding gate wrong twice. We were treated almost like a herd of cattle.
Both the Chinese men and the women were not at all pleasant: the image of Chinese people as always laughing is a false one.

The meal was of limited quality; the coffee was horrible. The toilet left a lot to be desired. The headphones and entertainment systems were outdated. There was nothing interesting to watch, except in Chinese.

In short, I'll go back to using Vietnam Airlines or Etihad next time, even if it means paying more. They are extremely nice to passengers: attentive, helpful, polite and respectful.

Very disappointed with the Chinese.

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 8 reactions 487 views

A pleasant flight, perfect piloting, a good airline

We landed at Guangzhou airport in Canton on Saturday February 8, 2014 for a 13-hour layover.

We thought we would be waiting at the airport, but we had the nice surprise of being given a room in a five-star hotel in China from China Southern Airlines for the length of the layover. Even though we weren't allowed to leave the hotel, we could take a bath and relax

In the evening we took off in an Airbus A 330 -200 toward Paris. The takeoff was smooth, the flight was pleasant, the flight crew was welcoming and cheerful and the landing was perfect (the pilot was very good, I think). I want to emphasize this since I am not that comfortable on planes and the MH 370 disappearance had just happened, but I wasn't afraid on this flight.

On the other hand the meal wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible and there was a choice between two menus. There was a screen for each passenger and a lot of good movies but they were mostly in English—just 2 in French. That was my experience, bon voyage.

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 6 reactions 579 views

A good flight, but they lost our luggage!

The flight went well. Smooth takeoff that was pretty much on time. Landing was good and the arrival was on time. Mediocre meals. When we arrived...

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 8 reactions 546 views

Vol agréable

Un vol très agréable avec China Southnern en collaboration avec Air France. Repas moitier européen-moitier chinois et de bonne qualité. La présence...

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Economy CAN - CDG 03/2019 2 reactions

Agréable et reposant

J'ai été franchement bluffé au sujet de cette compagnie
Nourriture confort équipage service à bord rien à redire.
Personnel très attentif aux demandes, parlants l'anglais minimum mais on arrivent à se faire comprendre. Boissons a volonté, nourriture j'ai contacté la compagnie avant mon vol pour une demande de plats spécifique et ils ont bien monté a bord mes plats.
Avion très propre et semble très bien entretenu.
Bref que du bon et oublié les a priori sur les chinois.

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 205 views

Perte de bagages

La compagnie perd les bagages et donc est dangereuse. Ma valise est perdue depuis 4 semaines sur un vol Yangoon-Guangzhou-Paris.

Le personnel était OK sur le vol mais à l'aller comme au retour la télévision n'a jamais fonctionné même en changeant de place.

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Economy CAN - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 194 views
Hoang Xoang

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