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United were excellent, as always!

A seat in economy plus; lots of legroom. Plenty of films available onboard, not necessarily in French, but enough to keep you going throughout the...

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Economy BRU - EWR More than 3 years 7 reactions 253 views

Some hazards not related to the airline otherwise a very good flight

I'm finally about to board the plane for the trip to New York I've been dreaming about for a long time! When I get to the boarding gate the room is...

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Economy BRU - EWR More than 3 years 11 reactions 2,4k views

A problem free flight with a very good airline!

This flight to Newark airport with the Jet Airways airline went perfectly. The seats are quite comfortable, even for well-built individuals...

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Economy BRU - EWR More than 3 years 10 reactions 1,6k views
Yan K.

Very good airline

A very pleasant flight with this airline, one that I wasn't familiar with.
Rapid check-in; no problems when boarding.
In comfort terms it was very good (I'm tall: 6ft 3 in) and no problems with the legs: reclinable seats.
Meals: deliciously flavoured Indian food (not very spicy). Absolutely sterling service; quality and amounts very good.
Entertainment wise: personal screen offering a large choice of films in original or French versions, as well as various series, Bollywood, etc. There are games for young and old, and individual headphone sets that work properly.
Nice flight crew; English essential.

I have no reservations about repeating the experience. I recommend this airline.

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Economy BRU - EWR More than 3 years 3 reactions 585 views

Excellent surprise

Our flight was good beyond expectations: Paris-New York for less than 500 euros departing on a Thalys train from Gare du Nord. Very well organized...

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Tweet from the airline
Economy BRU - EWR More than 3 years 12 reactions 2k views

An excellent airline (before its merger with United)

An excellent airline (before its merger with United).
Above all, the customer service is among the best: we were able to reserve our seats by telephone and they followed our request, unlike on the return flight where we made a reservation with United.
The contact was easy and friendly.
The window seat was comfortable, the bathrooms were clean and the meal they served was pretty good.
The flight crew was good, helpful, cheerful and attentive.
They gave the security instructions on screens (subtitled) + a demonstration by the stewardesses (cheerful).
Smooth landing and a perfect flight.

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Economy BRU - EWR More than 3 years 3 reactions

Très bonne surprise !

Je n'ai trouvé que des qualités à ce vol (enfin ces vols, car le retour était tout aussi bien !)

- Intérieur de l'avion très sympa, les fauteuils sont confortables et il y a de la places pour les jambes ! (astuce : pensez à réserver les sièges sans personne devant, confort ++++ assuré)

- Nourriture vraiment bonne, à condition d'aimer l'indien, forcément ! Assez épicé mais largement mangeable !

- Boissons à la demande.

- Tablette personnelle avec jeux, musiques, films très variés et récents.

- Personnel hyper agréable, et c'est ce qui m'a le plus plu pendant ce vol. Très souriant et à l'écoute.

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Economy BRU - EWR More than 2 years

Mauvais !

J'ai pris jet Airways pour le vol Bruxelles Newark (New York) du 7/10/2014 (aller retour) retour le 14/10/2014. Franchement je voyage pas mal de...

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Economy BRU - EWR More than 3 years 20 reactions 4,9k views

Très bon vol (BRU - EWR)

Bonne place, réservation à la fenêtre respectée. Ecrans individuels avec bon choix de séries, films...
Repas corrects, boissons et snacks servis durant le vol.
Pas de retard, vol très bien mené du début à la fin.
Personnel attentif et souriant. Professionnels.

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Economy BRU - EWR More than 3 years 2 reactions 68 views

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