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Old and Dirty Plane.

The seats were uncomfortable with no headrests.

The flight crew was not very friendly and in order to get a glass of water, just one by the way, you had to wait until two hours after takeoff, the same time that the meals for the higher classes were served.

There was no in-flight entertainment, no screen or radio and you were told not to use tablets, computer games and smartphones during the flight. At least read a book, the flight is very long.

Otherwise, there was no delay or problems with boarding or luggage.

On the return flight they didn't offer a snack. I would definitely avoid this airline in the future.

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Economy BRU - ADB 08/2016

Impeccable. No complaints. Very very good for the price...

No complaints about this airline, one that some are criticising. I've already flown with Jetair, and here, with Tailwind, there was no difference...

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Economy BRU - ADB More than 3 years 16 reactions 222 views


Prehistoric airplane: at least 20 years old, 0 comfort.
Meal and drinks: very good.
Disturbing vibrations!
The trip was chartered by Neckermann and Thomas Cook, only caring bout profit, because there are better Turkish airlines, such as Pegasus, Sun Express, Freebird, and Onurair. Avoid it.

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Economy BRU - ADB More than 3 years 15 reactions 204 views
J.van der eecken

Flight to Izmir

The only “problem” was a short delay. As for everything else, the crew was attentive and smiling, speaking French, Dutch, and English. The flight...

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Economy BRU - ADB More than 3 years 6 reactions 102 views

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