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In my opinion this is the best airline that flies between Europe and West Africa!

The seats are really great. The screens are full-flat and a good size and there is a a massage function for the seats. It's true that the tray table...

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Business BRU - ABJ More than 3 years 4 reactions 89 views

Nice plane, good service, a little problem with the flight crew

The SN's business was excellent, the price was pretty good.

Departure was on time. The flight was a little turbulent over Sahara, which is pretty standard.

The meals were good, but that was it.
The chief flight attendant was charming. One of the stewards was a little arrogant but when we talked to the CCA, she explained to us that he was Flemish and his attitude toward French-speakers was appalling.

I would take this company again without hesitation. #happy

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Business BRU - ABJ More than 3 years 3 reactions 144 views


General: Catastrophic. There was a delay, they lost our luggage and above all there was no information provided. Can anyone provide a tip about how we can get compensation?

Comfort: Good.

Service: Horrible. They lost our luggage and didn't provide any information.

Security: OK.

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Economy BRU - ABJ More than 3 years 2 reactions

Toujours pareil : au top, cuisine en plus de haute gamme !

Lors de mon dernier avis, j'avais décrit un repas plus que moyen, et bien quels progrès !

Je n'ai jamais aussi bien déjeuné en avion !

Le siège est toujours aussi confortable.

Un petit bémol, qui m'a paru très étonnant pour SN, mais qui est courant chez AF : le surclassement de GP qui étaient assez insupportables, ont fait des commentaires à haute voix, on parlé treès fort, ont picolé etc :-(

Bravo quand même je ne me lasse pas de SN !

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Business BRU - ABJ More than 2 years 6 views

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