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Thai Airways - Racist Airport Service Manager - Mr Pongpanata Phongsathienkul

My mother, wife and daughter were flying to Bangkok on 26 Dec 2019 on Thai airways TG 318 ( 3 Generations). On reaching the boarding gate, they were...

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Business BOM - BKK 12/2019 1 reactions

Terrible flight

I had traveled a lot of the BOM-BKK sector but never on Bangkok Airways, so was curious to try this airline.

We flew to Krabi via Bangkok. On the Mumbai - Bangkok flight, the service was absolutely terrible. The boarding was dis organised and an absolute chaos.

The inflight service was one of the worst I have ever come across.

The staff seemed very rude and arrogant to everybody on the flight. They made no effort to even listen to passengers when they made requests. While preparing to land, one of the air hostess was snatching away blankets from sleeping passengers.

I don't think I would make the mistake of flying Bangkok Air again. I will happily go back to flying Thai Air.

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Economy BOM - BKK More than 3 years 1 views

Zéro pointé

Cela faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas vu des sièges aussi vieux et deglingués, pas de télé en classe éco, et pas de film en classe affaire (seulement une carte du monde), pas de magazine, des repas immangeables (trop épicés) sans apéro ni snack auparavant. Le plus terrible est le personnel navigant : j'ai vu un voyageur se faire insulter par une hôtesse (qui sont souvent des femmes issu de famille riche et qui ne supportent pas de servir les clients). Attention, pas de briquet dans vos baggages, même ceux qui partent en soute...bref, une compagnie aérienne a éviter.

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Economy BOM - BKK More than 3 years 7 reactions 475 views

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