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AVOID this airline at all costs!! I've flown a lot and this was the worst experience and worst company I've ever had to deal with. They cancelled our flight super last minute when everyone was already at the airport. Then, they wouldn't help anyone find any other flights and when we called customer service they said word for word "We can't help you you'll have to call back tomorrow". Now, fast forward 2 months and I'm STILL chasing them down for my refund! What an absolute joke and total scam. I will NEVER fly this airline and I'll be sure to spread the word as much as possible and tell others to avoid it at all costs as well.

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Economy ATH - JTR 05/2018

Very short but very good!

This was a short flight from Athens to Santorini. Boarding was quick and we departed on time, arriving in Santorini ahead of schedule. Despite the very short distance, we got a breakfast (croissant and drink). The plane was clean, and arriving at Santorini was wonderful! No problems with the baggage, which arrived after traveling from CDG with an overnight stop at ATH.

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Economy ATH - JTR More than 3 years 3 reactions 79 views

Un vol rapide et agréable

Vol parfaitement à l'heure sur un Dash d'Olympic Air. Si les cabines ne sont plus toute récentes et l'appareil ne permet pas d'embarquement via passerelle, il n'en demeure pas moins que le vol se révèle être très agréable grâce à un espace satisfaisant à bord, des hôtesses charmantes et une collation (sucrée) accompagné d'un verre de jus de fruit gratuit, ce qui reste relativement rare.
Seule ombre : les tarifs des billets pour Santorin, Olympic se place clairement au-dessus de la concurrence (Ryanair, Volotea).

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Economy ATH - JTR 02/2018

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Aegean Airlines (1), Olympic Airlines (1), Ryanair (2), Volotea (1)