Amsterdam - Paris Orly

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Worst experience/no customer service

My flight was delayed for more than 4 hours last minute. Of course we could not contact them as they start to work 8am only... So I submitted...

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Economy AMS - ORY More than 2 years 2 reactions

Don't do it, you will regret it!

They cancelled my flight 12 hours before takeoff.

They sent a nice email saying that they would refund my fare. I submitted the information three different times whilst they ignored my emails.

I resorted to contacting them via their Facebook page. They promised to take care of things via email, which they didn't.

After four months of trying to get a refund using their channels, I hired a third party to retrieve my refund.

Transavia's customer service is appalling/nonexistent. Beware!

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Economy AMS - ORY More than 3 years

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