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Great plane, but lousy Customer Service

Good quality planes but a company policy that doesn't care about Customer Service.

Emirates airlines are really good in Window dressing when it comes to their Customer Service. At first sight it looks like they're really value their (loyal) customers but unfortunately in reality they don't live up to the expectations they promise to the world.

I've been flying with Emirates many times before and also reached their Silver Member Status so you can call me experienced when it comes to this airline. The plane itself, the seats and the food provided are OK.

Only when it comes to how they treat their (loyal) customers it becomes a complete different story. Once you've ordered and paid for your ticket they loose their complete interest in you as a customer. They treat you like a number and the only feedback you get are the lines that were written out in their "Customer" scripts.

This resulted for me to the (unfortunate) decision to use the Emirates services in the future and look for other airlines which provide proper Customer Service

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Economy AMS - BKK More than 3 years
Frank V.

Excellent service; didn't notice time passing

This was my first experience of flying business class on a long-haul flight, so it was probably always likely to make an excellent impression on me.

All on schedule and boarding well organised.

Food quality was a little below par, but the service was friendly and the seats were sufficiently comfortable (though a little hard), reclining completely horizontal, making it possible to get several hours proper sleep.
There was a varied and comprehensive range of in-flight entertainment, as well as tourist information about the destination: enough to easily occupy the few hours not spent sleeping.
The last time I travelled with KLM was several years ago, and I was very pleasantly surprised compared to how I remembered the airline, in terms of the service and the friendliness of the cabin crew.

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Business AMS - BKK More than 3 years 7 reactions 123 views

Well-designed service, but not the best Asian airline

I keep an overall good impression on this Amsterdam – Bangkok flight (and the return two days later) in the business class of an A340. There were a...

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Business AMS - BKK More than 3 years 26 reactions 201 views

Equipage top

Le gros point fort de ce vol est sans contestation possible son équipage qui fut aux petits soins pour nous. Très bonne cabine et très bon sièges...

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Economy AMS - BKK 05/2018

Vol décevant.

Vol sur avion de type Boeing 777-300ER.

Ce dernier est inconfortable et le menu spécial (végétarien) choisi sur internet n'a pas été délivré.

Très peu de films en français, écran vidéo passable, personnel de bord juste aimable !

Je ne recommande pas cette compagnie pour ce type de trajet...

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Economy AMS - BKK More than 3 years 2 views
Farang Mart

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