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Unreliable, inconsistent, sloppy

Was booked for a flight to Dublin that was cancelled at the last minute. After providing no reasonable alternative I was forced to take a train to Bristol in order to catch another flight from another airline to make my meeting. When I contacted the airline to ask for a reimbursement, not only was I told "no", but it took them nearly a month to respond to multiple queries.

The carelessness of this airline defies belief. I have dealt with a lack of professionalism from their staff in the past but this demonstrates that the problem is larger than a few dissatisfied flight attendants. I will be avoiding them as much as possible in the future.

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Economy EXT - DUB New

200 Euros in hidden charges, including 25 euros to sit next to spouse!

Online booked flight. didn't mention extra charge I was hit with upon submitting my payment (sitting next to my spouse, early cancelation option, luggage...). In the end it cost some 150 euros extra. Return trip day - I had to pay 50 euros to bring my luggage back home, plus they said it was 2 kg overweight - it's 25 Euros more. Also during over a 2 hrs flight you don't even get water or coffee. Everything you want you need to buy. A cold, stale sandwich is 12 euros. Other prices are set accordingly. I will NEVER ever fly with this company again. Generally, be prepared to spend much more than you initially thought if you want to receive things that are included at other airlines (1 piece of luggage, some beverage, snacks. Also be prepared for sitting away from the person you fly with if you don't purchase that option!!!)

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Economy DBV - BCN 09/2019

Very good - No problems at all.

We arrived at Jersey Airport for our return journey to Southampton. I had already booked special assistance for myself with Swissport but then my husband was suddenly taken ill. I was terrified for him but the Special Assistance and other Airport personnel were incredibly helpful and reassuring: nothing was too much trouble. We were both assisted to the plane in wheelchairs, then again upon arrival and through to the taxi rank in Southampton. What could have been a total nightmare turned out to be professionally, efficiently and sensitively handled. Thank you Flybe and Swissport!

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Economy SOU - JER 09/2019

The worst airline - in all aspects

Before the flight, I couldn't add miles, reserve a seat or a special meal, this feature simply didn't work on their website.
When I got to the airport, I found out that although I paid full (or more than full) I was on standby !! I ended up getting on this horrible flight - where seats are extremely uncomfortable and dense, the aircraft is dirty and smells bad, instead of meal you get a small bottle of water and an inedible sandwich, everything is crowded and noisy, no entertainment program, stewardess wakes you up in order to convince you to buy duty free items... a real flight from hell!!
Upon arrival I discover that my suitcase is broken, my suitcase lock was broken, and a jar of honey that I bought as gift has been opened and not closed back, such that the honey spread everywhere, and therefore not only my gift is gone, but all my suitcase content arrived dirty and sticky!!
I fly a lot, and this is by far the worst experience I ever had!!
It's worse than the worst charter, with very expensive prices and with huge pretense!

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Economy TLV - GVA 09/2019

substandard customer service- baggage damaged by the ground staff- doesnt want take responsibility

My suitcase has been damaged when it arrives in Semarang due to mishandle by one of the baggage crews, the stitching on the border was teared off...

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Economy SIN - SRG 08/2019

Worst experience in 30 yrs of travel, hands down

In 30 yrs of international travel, this experience was the worst by far. Their partner airline bumped me off the second leg of the flight due to...

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Economy PIT - FRA 07/2019

Worst Airline ever

This is by far the worst airline I have ever traveled with in my entire life. My flight was 4 hours late so I missed my connection to Barcelona. I...

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Economy CAI - BCN 08/2019

Travel Insurance waste of money - Fly Delta!

We bought a flight for an Irish citizen who was unable to make the flight. The insurance we purchased for the flight through Allianz was a waste of money as the insurance company refused to reimburse the flight and suggested we contact Aer Lingus about Travel funds. Of course, you can't call Aer Lingus, you have to fill out a multitude of forms and then no one ever gets back to you, so there's $900 down the drain. We flew 9 Irishmen over to the states to the tune of $9,000 and Aer Lingus couldn't even discuss future travel funds for the 1 who couldn't make it. So be sure to read all 21 pages of the 8 pt type of terms and conditions or better yet...don't buy the travel Insurance and book on Delta.

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Economy DUB - BNA 08/2019

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