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No Compensation for Suitcase After Four and a Half Months (After Delayed and Cancelled Flights)

It has been four and a half months since Egyptair lost my suitcase. Since then, I have not received my suitcase or any compensation. This all happened after my husband and I experienced delayed flights and cancelled flights without any prior communication. In my dealings with Egyptair, my communications have been ignored most of the time. The service I have received from Egyptair throughout my entire experience with them has been extremely poor and very disappointing.

Egyptair eventually came back to me with an offer to pay only 68% of my missing suitcase claim. Except for the things that Egyptair can never pay me back for (the three days of holiday in Rome that we lost and will never get back, my wedding earrings that I took with me on holiday, the sentimental souvenirs of the places we visited), they are not even willing to pay me the full amount of the missing items in my suitcase. Shame on you Egyptair. I will never ever fly with Egyptair again. I would rather pay double the price anywhere else, as you lose a lot more by flying with Egyptair anyway.

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Economy FCO - JNB New

Lost my luggage at 13 days now.

Flight was average. Staff were helpful and friendly. End of this direct flight both my and my 2 yo sons suitcase went missing. I am a Pregnant mother with a 2 yo. With no clothing for me or my son, we are going on 13 days now. Few people from Turkish Airlines have been helpful. Vienna airport staff verified the bag was loaded on my flight.

The suitcase was either rerouted and or disappeared into thin air. If they find our suitcase I’ll let you know but it is not looking good for us. Think hard before booking a flight.

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Economy VIE - ESB New

Don't do it!

Booked 7 weeks before travel, travel time changed 3 times, last time by e-mail at 18.55 the night before travel.

Air Arabia charged me extra for luggage, as they said it costs extra fuel to carry it. Each time they sent through new flight details, and each time the 30Kg luggage I'd paid extra for in advance disappeared.

The last flight time was too late for me to travel, so I took the early train. Air Arabia have refused to refund me, and refused to refund the extra baggage I paid for, even though the extra luggage didn't fly, so no extra fuel was used.

I couldn't recommend Air Arabia to anyone.

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Economy FEZ - RAK 10/2019
Top flyer

terrible airline

EXTRA charge, bad service, rude crew, bad food, delayed flight, none of the staff were nice, check in staff rude, boring movies, Honorable people and officers at the airports etc

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Economy LHR - IST 02/2018
Adam GH

Terrible airline

Rude crew, treated me very rudely and not fairly. I didn't have extra weight and I showed her my medication bag.
She weighted our carry bags and there wasn't any extra weight at all!

The two small carry bags weight was 15 kg only in total for me and my daughter! She said to me rudely you have to pay for 5 kilos or I will let the plane leave without you!

She closed the door and told me I will let the airplane leave without you. She told me rudely throw 5 kilos of your new cloths and I let you go to the plane!

She let us throw our food that we just bought from the airport on the floor that has a 5 kilo as she said!

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Economy LHR - IST 10/2019
Adam GH

Forcing false immigration rules and regulation to sell return tickets on spot

I was travelling from Delhi to London via Flight KU384 & KU101. I did the booking of one way flight to London. I did the online check in and got the...

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Economy DEL - LHR 09/2019

My goods got stolen with Easyjet Airlines

My group of 9 people flew from Rome to Berlin with Easyjet. When we arrived at Berlin one of my big suitcase was not found. I reported to the LOST AND FOUND and Easyjet online and tried to contact them via phone but they were hopeless and very frustrated is all I can say. 3 days later they found my suitcase in broken condition and most of the valuable stuff were stolen. They took no responsibility of my stolen goods. This made me sick when I think about this trip. Never put anything valuable in your suitcase when travel with Easyjet again.

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Economy FCO - TXL 07/2019

Delayed flight and missed connecting flight to london

My flight from medina to Jeddah delayed by 20 minutes and there was also 30-40 minutes delay to pick the laggages up. Because laggages wasnt coming...

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Economy MED - JED 10/2019

Boycott WizzAir and never use them again


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Economy LTN - PRG More than 2 years

Avoid this company

Vueling doesn't care about customers at all. People at the help desk give you an unbelievable attitude. Here is what happened: My flight was on...

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Economy BCN - ARN 10/2019 3 reactions

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