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Never again

The check in was very efficient and staff were great! The flight was smooth and attendants efficient. Leg room was almost non-existent for anyone more than 150cm tall. The seats were taken from a Medieval Torturer's handbook; the food was almost inedible! In fact, after three legs of flight with Silkair (Cairns-Singapore-Da Nang - Singapore) I rejected the offer of any further food. I will never fly with Silkair again even though that means that I will need to travel by train for a distance of over 1500km to get to the next International Terminal. And, yes, the pilots also need to learn that they really do NOT need to slam the plane down onto the runway when there is no crosswind, turbulence etc.

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Economy SIN - CNS New
Ian C

Avoid at all costs. Terrible airline with no accountability.

Flights was 12 hours late due to their rickety old airplane being deemed unfit to fly. That's just the way it is, they said. Backstory: Needed to...

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Economy IEV - LED 08/2017

MEA is failure

REVIEW 11 November 2017 Timeframe: 7:23 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific time I am a US Navy Sailor and I am not authorized to travel to Lebanon due to mission...

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Economy BEY - LHR 11/2017

THOMAS COOK, a transatlantic version of RyanAir

I have flown across the Atlantic on countless occasions, from the days of Freddie Laker, Pam Am, Monarch etc., to more recent credible airlines, such as Virgin, BA and recently Thomson’s, and must say my flight with Thomas Cook was by far and away the worst I have ever experienced.

A total of over three hours of delays, no apologies, no consideration.

Rude staff, poor food, charges for every little item, £5 for a coffee or a warm beer, no offering of water, completely contradictory to medical advice not to allow dehydration on board a plane, £3 for headphones, an extra £5 for entertainment, no rear seat screens, you are told to download an App to your device but no charging points provided. The Thomas Cook Clone "airtanker" from Manchester must be the most dated plane flying the Atlantic.

Food was very poor and the only beverage was a tiny cup of coffee or cold tea.

Paid extra for legroom but couldn't use the overhead locker because the crew were using it

Avoid this airline at all costs, rubbish service.

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Economy MAN - MCO 09/2017

Didn't even get the chance to fly!

We booked flights to Jamaica on the day they were first advertised by Virgin (11 months before departure). The tickets were non refundable and we're tied to school holidays, so we also went ahead and booked our hotels (non refundable). All sorted and 10 months to look forward to our big family holiday.

Then on 18th Oct 17, Virgin cancelled our flights (no reason given). We were not offered alternate flights on the same day with other airlines. They just offered us Economy flights leaving a day later and getting back 2 days earlier (meant losing 3 days out of 14). So we had to request a refund and rebook on another airline - cost increase of 50% on original fare. And to top it off, 3 weeks later and Virgin are still holding onto our ("loan") money that they have enjoyed, interest free, for the last 6 months!! These guys are no different to Ryanair.

It seems incomprehensible that consumer contracts with the airline does not offer any protection from this sort of behaviour. How is that we are not able to cancel or change anything once we book but they can do what they like?

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Business LGW - MBJ 10/2017

What customer service

We have not yet even flown with Alitalia but experience so far has been very poor indeed. We had been warned about the airline but we had no choice...

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Economy LHR - SCL 11/2017

No response for almost four months

My flight NY-Kyiv was delayed in last moment with no explanation. I had to find hotel in NY City in the middle of the night. It cost me $220. I wrote to UIA customer service twice asking for refund, but didn't get any response at all during almost four months. I tried to call to this company, but their associate told me they don't discuss any problems over the phone. They can do it only online and it takes up to 90 days. She confirmed that they got my letter and asked me to wait a few days for response. But I never heard anything back from this company. It was the worst service I ever had, and I will never use this company again.

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Economy JFK - KBP 07/2017

Terrible customer service

In general, the crew is unhelpful and relatively unfriendly, but the worst part was when we checked in at the airport. They let us wait 35 minutes without giving us much information what is going on. Every time we asked we got an unfriendly "please wait for 5 minutes" without any further information. While standing there they ignored us and kept gossiping about previous customers to each other. I doubt someone from the airline reads this (otherwise I guess they would have improved given the bad feedback here), the name tags of the staff were Sapna and Neeru. In the end, we found out that they ran out of space in economy and they went out of their way to make sure we did not get upgraded and it took them so long to find premium members to upgrade.

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Economy DEL - LHR 10/2017

My flight was cancelled.

I booked our holiday a few months ago and each of us was looking forward to this trip. When we arrived to the airport everything was fine.After some...

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Economy GLA - PMI 10/2017

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