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What an awful service

First time on an Easyjet Plane, and it will be the last time I accept an easyJet flight, even if it is the cheapest flight available. Why? Well not...

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Economy STN - IBZ New

Extremely Bad Service

The flight from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur was a new flight MH4. It was hard to call for the steward/stewardess as the button was too far. I'm in an...

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Economy LHR - KUL New
nia H.

Condor at Frankfurt - Highway to hell

100% I wish to NOBODY!!! Have you ever been **cked up because of airline company mistake??? So you will support me in here: 7th July 2018 10:30 AM I...

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Economy FRA - CUN New
Andrey V.

My first air travel Spicejet review

My view on jotting down a Spicejet Review. I saw a heavy rush during morning hours at Mumbai airport, which is a common knowledge and most people will try & reach early to avoid any unwanted issues. However, nothing can prepare you for long queues and that too, Mumbai crowd! However, I am amazed at the level-headedness and dexterity of the ground staff at airports. In this case, SpiceJet who manage such an unruly crowd so nonchalantly that gives the most seasoned customer care professionals goosebumps in their midsection. Within 10 mins I had my boarding pass and then ushered to the waiting coach whizzing past the security check. Kudos to Priyanka, the check-in counters executive and thank you to SpiceJet.

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Economy BOM - CCU 03/2018
Luna Sravan


The flight was programmed to depart at 4:45 pm and suddenly without any mail information or any other kind of information they had delayed the flight at 9:10pm. I had to be interested by my self because I did not find the flight on the screen to let me and other people like me know that the flight had been delayed at 9:10 and it did not start again at 9:10 am but 9:35 a half hour more late like it was not enough. The girls on the host sportel were rude and arrogant the worst customer service. I missed an important job meeting for the blame on them and they did not even have the trouble to reimburse me or even be heard.

I will totally not recommended

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Economy TIA - FCO 07/2018

Flights from hell... Airline doesn't care

Departing San Francisco to Las Vegas an hour flight was cancelled due to Mechanical was booked on a flight to Seattle to Las Vegas 5 and a half hour flight no food no drinks no compensation

Celebrating my daughter's birthday we have now lost our hotel that we had to pay for and all the activities we were doing tonight.
We had not eaten as we were going to eat when we arrived in Vegas they did not offer its food or drink or any compensation the worst Airline ever worse than the cheap airlines

Call the airlines they said sorry this is the best we could do No Remorse whatsoever in them they put ice on a flight San Francisco Seattle Las Vegas 5 and 1/2 hours

Will never fly this Airline again and I am a frequent flyer they do not care about their customers only the dollars they make they had no remorse whatsoever

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Economy SFO - LAS 07/2018 1 reactions

Worst airline i've ever travelled with

On June 23rd we flew from Budapest to Odessa, having to change in Kiev, where our flight was delayed. The big shock was arriving at Budapest airport...

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Economy ODS - BUD 06/2018

June 2018 Vacation

Flight was cancelled twelve hour before boarding. Was not changed. This was a family vacation. Was not notified to this day of why it was cancelled. Had to get another flight from a airport in a DIFFERENT state. Had to drive in the middle of the night to another state for a new flight. When we got there the flight was delayed from 7:00,8:00,9:00,10:00. Yes! It was changed FOUR times. Coming home after the trip the flight was delayed a hour, then we finally got on the plane & was delayed TWO more hours! This was the first time flying JetBlue & It was the worst flight experience going and coming!

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Economy RIC - BGI 06/2018

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