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Horrible airline

They asked me for a return ticket or they would deny my board while I'm being European citizen my destination being another European country. I have noticed them doing this with Eastern European citizens especially. There are better European airlines to fly inside europe who don't misstreat you due you're nationality. I would like to congratulate Aegean Airlines for violating my and European Schengen rights.
They pride of being an line state airline but except the free food and beverages and which the kosher meal was really boring on-board they are really just an low cost airline wich even more bad costumer support and you are even allowed only 8kg of hand baggage .

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Economy OTP - LHR 02/2017 10 reactions

Never take this airline

I agree completely with most of the other opinions, in the plane it was very cold, asking the hostesses to increase the temperature resulted in nothing.

Apart from distributing 2 meals very unfriendly there were always absent.

Looking the news on the screen: only Russia Today with a picture of Putin (that says all), then 3 reports more than 3 months old and only about bad situations in the West.

Some Euronews reports but only cultural events. Pure propaganda. Aeroflot is really Russia today!

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Economy SXF - HAV 03/2017


Flew from Doncaster. One female ground crew removing cases by the dozen. Most 1 to 2 cm more than specified and then charging additional baggage...

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Economy DSA - AGP 11/2016

Worst airline ever (especially for special diets and allergies): Indian customer service at its worst

I booked my whole Indian holiday with Jet Airways: out of 6 flight, only 1 was on-time (international had 5 hours delays while other companies for same destination were all on time…).

Forget about special diet, they have 2 choices: veg and non-veg. For the rest they’ll apologize a lot but you’ll never get your special on any flights. I traveled for 8 hours on 1 apple and a plate of fruit. Crew promised upgrade as compensation for next flight but it never happened.

Staff ignores you, maybe because they don’t speak good English?

Ground staff are useless as they can’t help with connecting flights. Neither will partner companies.
Toilets are filthy, with pool of liquid on the floor, sinks are flooding. They have never been cleaned once throughout the flight.

In-flight entertainment is not relevant or old. Vintage movies and 10 year-old TED talks are the best you find.

Do yourself a favor, book with any other company than jet airways, anyway price is the same.

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Economy AMS - DEL 03/2017

Waste of money

Please they need to update their airlines, no individual tv and coming back from our trip, our flight was delayed for more 8hrs, they didn't give us hotel to stay and the costumer service was too poor.

I will never ever use egyptair in life.

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Economy LOS - YYZ 01/2017

Inadequate Information on Cancellation charges

I had purchased a one-way flight ticket from Toronto to Mumbai by Jet Airways but had to cancel due to unexpected circumstances. When booking the flight, the terms included ticket refund available for cancellation, however the cancellation fee was not stated. After cancellation, I found that I was charged CAD 322 (approximately 48% of the cost of the ticket) for the cancellation. I found this unacceptable, especially when the cancellation fee is hidden from the customer's view when making the booking. I have been charged a cancellation fee of up to Euro 120 on other airlines, but this was ridiculous. Jet Airways would not respond to my query on how they arrived at the cancellation fee, merely stated that this is as per their rules, which again is hidden from the customer. I am posting this to increase awareness of passengers booking flights with jet Airways.

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Economy YYZ - BOM 01/2017

Awful. Terrible.

Arrogant and rude staff and crew. Most cramped uncomfortable seats imaginable. Old outdated plane. Outmoded entertainment "system". Mean spirited and aggressive security. 4 hour delay to Israel. 25 hour delay return flight to U.S.

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Economy plus BOS - TLV 03/2017

Vol ponctuel

Confort sommaire mais suffisant pour un vol de courte durée et justifié par le prix. Personnel agréable, check-in online aisé. Une idée...

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Economy SXB - TLS 03/2017

Cheap in every way except price

Air Baltic will try to charge you for every smallest thing on top of mid range ticket price : luggage, check in, seat selection, food, not even a drink of water on the house.

Seat and access to toilet so far still included.

At least to me this leaves the most unpleasant feeling of beeing fleeced non stop.

By the same flight via another company (for instance Brussels Airlines) and all of a sudden you get more for the same price while on the very same flight. Maybe its time they had a rethink on what kind of impression all this leaves. In my case, I have taken flights with a stop-over choosing over direct flight with these guys.

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Economy RIX - BRU 12/2016
Inga K.

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