Review of kex about the flight Jet2.com between London Stansted and Larnaca on 06/07/2019 in Economy
kex LS / EXS STN / LCA

We were boarded on the plane and did not move for a whole hour until we were given the OK for take off, which was an added hour on a flight already scheduled to last at least another 4 hours. They could have let us wait at the gate, where passengers can have access to toilets, vending machines, and where there are chairs and space to move around, but instead we were canned on a small plane for an extra hour. 

The most disturbing situation was taking place on the plane and during the whole flight, for more than 5 hours. The crew allowed a group of young people to board, who were very drunk and two of them were extremely disruptive, loud, at times aggressive, one of them wouldn't sit down, kept bothering even their own friends who kept telling them off. 

They were clearly so drunk that they shouldn't have been allowed on the plane for safety reasons. For whatever reason, though, the Jet2 crew did not think they were endangering the safety of the rest of the passengers by having incredibly drunk, loud, obnoxious, and at times aggressive passengers on board. I was sitting at the row in front of the one who was most disruptive and aggressive, and was surrounded by his group. The flight was full and it was impossible to change seats. Even people at the front of the plane (we were at the back) could hear them. The risk to our SAFETY applied to all of us, no matter where we were seated. 

At one point, one of the friends of this drunk person told him he would "get gang raped that night" and his other friend sitting next to me added, irritated as well with him, "I would pay to watch that". We were all stuck on a plane with drunk people making gang rape jokes. I did NOT sign up to be around this kind of verbal abuse, misogyny, and disgusting behaviours, neither did the children and the other adults on that plane. This is what happens when they allow drunk passengers on board, and having to be subjected to listen to rape jokes on a flight because the Jet2 staff was IRRESPONSIBLE or not trained well enough to make critical safety decisions crosses every social and legal boundary. 

The crew saw all of this happening, even asked them to sit down a couple of times. They were FULLY aware of how drunk they were and how they were behaving and did absolutely NOTHING about it. Not in the hour before we take off and not after that. 

As far as I am aware, it is ILLEGAL to endanger passengers by allowing drunk people on a plane, especially for long flights. This was by far the worst flight I have ever had in my life - and I am a frequent flyer. 

When I emailed Jet2 to complain about this flight I received a very condescending and patronising reply, in which the person replying completely minimised the risk and the gravity of the situation, and did not accept any responsibility for their crew's decision to endanger the safety of everyone on that plane, or for children having to listen to gang rape jokes in their vicinity. 

AVOID this company for your own safety.

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