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Review of fleeced about the flight between Glasgow and Lanzarote on 18/05/2018 in Economy
fleeced LS / EXS GLA / ACE

Last week I wrote a scathing review about how Jet2 had placed my wife and myself in different rows and different sides of the aircraft for our forthcoming flight despite the fact that there were four seats together nearby. I wrote to the company and today received a response. In a phone call the agent explained that the seats are allocated from the back of the aircraft. However she agreed to refund the £21 I had paid to get seats together.
A result! The message though is do not let them away with charging for seats when you do not want to.

Overall rating
3 / 5
Value (price + quality)
3 / 5
On the ground
Check-in and boarding
2 / 5
On board
Costumer service
3 / 5
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By fleeced, about, , close to Wishaw, Scotland, United Kingdom
Posted online by admin, on 30 May 2018, view original version
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