Unbelievably poor support and booking system meant flight prices went up 50% in the time it took them to answer one simple question!

Review of Gar158 about the flight Jet2.com between Rhodes and London Stansted on 28/08/2017 in Economy
Gar158 LS / EXS RHO / STN

While attempting to book a flight I had a basic question about luggage that I thought it would be best to clarify with them before clicking to finalise payment. I couldn't see a contact us phone number on screen and didn't want to come out of the page in case I lost the prices quoted and so I opened up an online chat screen to be told there was a 4.30 minute which I thought sounded fair....

Over an hour later and still showing 3 minutes queue to wait before deciding to try and just book it anyway only to be notified with a message to say that the flights had now increased by over 50%!

I now know that the prices are only held for 10 minutes before they revert back to "live" prices so unless you quick with putting in the passenger details, choosing seats, picking in flight meals for the whole family, double checking everything and entering all of the payment details then I wouldn't bank on the prices staying what they were when you started. Apparently they get a lot of calls regarding this complaint on their telephone bookings line but there is simply nothing that they can do.

Customer support was non existent and apparently they cannot receive complainants over the phone so put you onto a feedback questionnaire instead. I waited with the online chat screen to see just how long it would end up taking them and gave up after it passed the two hour mark still suggesting "1 minute" left in the queue.

Long story short, the extra ridiculous cost made the trip unaffordable for us all because they couldn't hold the price while they attempted to help me make the booking and give them our business.

As sad as me and my wife are about this we still consider it a lucky escape and would hate to be in the position of needing contact them urgently or try to resolve anything more complicated than simply making the flight reservation in the first place.

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By Gar158, about Jet2.com, , close to United Kingdom
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