Worst flight i have been on!

Review of shannon about the flight Jet2.com between Belfast and Tenerife Reinasofia on 11/03/2014 in Economy
shannon LS / EXS BFS / TFS
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

For a first time flyer with Jet2, i had the worst experience with them. I would definitely not fly with Jet2 again.

We first arrived at check in for our deparure and was charged £35.00 to check in for not checking in online, although I have never been asked to do this for any other flight before and when I booked the flights online there was no where that mentioned about online check in and the charge I received.

When I was on the flight the flight attendants did not serve with a smile, anything that you asked it seemed like a massive task for them to do anything for you, the plane was uncomfortable to sit on and was not cleaned properly when i was seated there was still rubbish from the previous flight.

The food was very overpriced for what you got i spent £3.50 for a soggy pathetic excuse for a sandwich. When we got to our resort in Tenerife we checked in online so we would not get charged on the way home, although there was no printer at the resort so we could not print it although we had it saved to our phone and Ipad. At check in we then recieved a 67.00 euro for not printing the boarding passes! That seems like very expensive ink doesnt it?

Just to print two small boarding passes i also could not understand why it cost double what it did on the way there. The members of staff at the check in really needed a personality check. The way i spoken to and treated was a joke,
"Friendly low fares"? The fares are not so low with all the other ways they try to squeeze money out of you. Then when we landed in Belfast international we waited a hour just to get our luggage i dont understand why it would take and hour to take the luggage from the plane to the luggage hall. Very disappointed with these flights never again would i fly with Jet2!

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By shannon, about Jet2.com, , close to United Kingdom
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