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Review of hookem06 about the flight Flydubai between Dubai and Heydar Aliyev International (Bina International) on 25/05/2016 in Economy
hookem06 FZ / FDB DXB / GYD
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

I will not fly with Fly Dubai again. I have taken three trips with them and all have had many issues but my last and most recent trip was by far the worse. I contacted them by phone and on Facebook to find out what their car seat policy is. Both times I was directed towards their Terms and Conditions 7.4. Based on this policy I bought a seat for my child.

On our flight to Dubai we had no issues and I was able to use my car seat. On my return flight I was told I couldn't use his car seat as it is a rear facing seat. I had a copy of the Terms and Conditions printed and they refused to look at it and made us turn the car seat around. This seat is not made to be forward facing. Thus making it unsafe.

I contacted Fly Dubai and requested a refund. They said "Kindly note that as per our safety standards, seat should be always facing forward." When I requested a copy of this policy they replied, "Kindly note that the same way as the passengers should face forward, the infant should also face forward as per our Cabin Safety Procedures Manual. We can only share to you the conditions of carriage which are on the website. The Cabin Safety Procedures Manual is for eternal use only."

When I still requested a refund because they failed to notify me of this policy nor is it available to view they replied, "Your request for a refund has been refused as flydubai policy states that seat should be always facing forward."

I again asked for a refund because I can't be expected to follow a policy that they don't allow passengers to have access to or disclose to them upon request. Their final response was, "As per the international standards, the car seat should be forward facing. This is due to safety reasons. Your child xxxxxxx still occupied the separate seat. We regret to inform you that your request for a refund has been refused as per the policy which states that car seat should be forward facing. Unfortunately, we will not engage in any further dialogue with regards to refund. We are however, happy to be of assistance with any other query you may have." I'm not sure what new policy they are referring to with international standards but we fly internationally frequently and both forward and rear facing is allowed and clearly stated in the airline policy.

While their customer service is normally subpar at best. This was by far the worst customer service I have ever received and I would never recommend anyone fly with them. Nor will I ever fly with them again.

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By hookem06, about Flydubai, , close to Azerbaijan
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