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Review of gok about the flight BQB Líneas Aéreas 5Q612 between Santiago and Sao Paulo Guarulhos on 05/06/2014 in Economy
gok 5Q / BQB SCL / GRU
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

My flight got cancelled, and we received no prior notifications.
We only learnt about the cancellation upon reaching Santiago's airport.

We were arranged to fly with the Argentina airline, that would bring us to Sao Paulo. However, the Argentinian flight was scheduled to arrived 6 hours later than our original schedule, causing us to miss our connecting flight.

As a result myself and my boyfriend were stranded in Sao Paulo for 2 days before we could take the next flight out of Sao Paulo.

Despite being promised by the staff at Santiago airport that BQB would pay for all accommodation and expenses, there was NOBODY to received us at Sao Paulo, and BQB's office was CLOSED.

We went back to the airport and visited BQB's office for the 2 days we were stranded in Sao Paulo, but they were ALWAYS CLOSED. They have no representatives in the GRU airport and simply nobody to attend to their customers.

We incurred extra expenses and emailed BQB. But despite several emails, they still refuse to reply us.

BQB is completely irresponsible, they have a horrible customer service. They are an airline that went back on their work and cannot be trusted. Save yourself the trouble and take your money to another airline.

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By gok, about BQB Líneas Aéreas, , close to Singapore, Singapore
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