European blacklist is edited every 3 months (latest on 11 December 2014) and list airlines that have issues with their planes maintenance or other security aspects. Those airlines does not fly to europe so you don't have to worry if you are flying from or to europe.

Please take note to the blacklist if you are flying to Afghanistan, Angola, Benin, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Liberia, Republic of Gabon, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Republic of Mozambique, Philippines, Sao Tome, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Swaziland, Zambia and Principe or Indonesia. Most of the airlines from these countries are listed on the European blacklist.

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Airline listed on the most recent blacklist

  • On the European blacklist
  • Only concerns certain planes
Aero Benin (Benin)
Aero Service (Congo Republic) Read reviews
Aero-Servicos SARL (Mozambique)
Aeroequipement Aviation (Philippines)
Aerojet (Angola)
Aeroprakt KZ (Kazakhstan)
Aerostan (ex Bistair-Fez Bishkek) (Kyrgyzstan)
Aerovisao de Mozambique (Mozambique)
Aerowurks Aerial Spraying Services (Philippines)
Afric Aviation (Gabon)
Africa Airways (Benin)
Africa Connection (Sao Tome And Principe)
Africa's Connection (Sao Tome And Principe)
African Air Services Commuter Sprl (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Afriqiyah Airways (Libya) Read reviews
Air Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Air Asia Philippines (Philippines)
Air Baraka (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Air Bishkek / Anciennement Eastok Avia (Kyrgyzstan)
Air Born Indonesia (Indonesia)
Air Castilla (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Air Divisioin of Eka (Kazakhstan)
Air Dynasty heli. S. (Nepal)
Air Fast Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Air Flamingo (Kazakhstan)
Air Gemini (Angola)
Air Gicango (Angola)
Air Jet (Angola) Read reviews
Air Juan Aviation (Philippines)
Air Kasai (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Air kasthamandap (Nepal)
Air Katanga (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Air Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan)
Air Libya (Libya)
Air Malebo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Air Manas (Kyrgyzstan)
Air Nave (Angola)
Air Pacific Utama (Indonesia)
Air Philippines (Philippines)
Air Rum, LTD (Sierra Leone)
Air Services SA (Gabon)
Air Tourist (Allegiance) (Gabon)
Air Tropiques (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Air Trust Aircompany (Kazakhstan)
Air Wolf Aviation Inc (Philippines)
Air26 (Angola)
Aircompany Kokshetau (Kazakhstan)
Airlink Swaziland (Swaziland)
Airtrack Agricultural Corporation (Philippines)
AK Sunkar Aircompany (Kazakhstan)
Alafia Jet (Benin)
Alfa Airlines (Sudan)
Alfa Trans Dirgantata (Indonesia)
Almajal Aviation Service (Sudan)
Almajara Aviation (Sudan)
Almaty Aviation (Kazakhstan)
Angkasa Super Services (Indonesia)
Angola Air Charter (Angola)
Angola Air Service (Angola)
Ariana Afghan Airlines (Afghanistan)
Arkhabay (Kazakhstan)
Armi Global Business Airways (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Asco Nusa Air Transport (Indonesia)
Asi Pudjiastuti (Indonesia)
Asia Aircraft Overseas Philippines Inc (Philippines)
Asia Continental Airlines (Kazakhstan)
Asia Continental Avialines (Kazakhstan)
Asia Wings (Kazakhstan)
Asian aerospace corporation (Philippines)
Asian Air (Kyrgyzstan)
Asian Spirit (Philippines)
Association Of Amateur Pilots Of Kazakhstan
Astro Air International (Philippines)
Atma Airlines (Kazakhstan)
Attico Airlines (Sudan)
Atyrau Aye Joly (Kazakhstan)
Avia - Jaynar / Avia - Zhaynar SAP (Kazakhstan)
Avia Traffic Company (Kyrgyzstan)
Avia-Jaynar (Kazakhstan)
Aviastar Mandiri (Indonesia) Read reviews
Aviation Technology Innovators Inc (Philippines)
Aviatour's Fly'n Inc (Philippines)
Ayala Aviation Corp (Philippines)
Azza Transport Company (Sudan)
Bader Airlines (Sudan)
Batik Air (Indonesia) Read reviews
Beacon (Philippines)
Bek Air (Kazakhstan)
Bendice Transport Management Inc (Philippines)
Benin Golf Air (Benin)
Benin Littoral Airways (Benin)
Bentiu air transport (Sudan)
Berkut KZ (Kazakhstan)
Beybars Aircompany (Kazakhstan)
Biega Airways (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Blue Airlines (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Blue Bird Aviation (Sudan)
Blue Sky (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Blue Wing Airlines (Suriname)
Bravo Air Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
British Gulf International Company Ltd (Sao Tome And Principe)
Buddha Air (Nepal)
Buddha Air (International Opérations) (Nepal)
Buraq Air (Libya)
Burundayavia Airline (Kazakhstan)
Business Aviation (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Busy Bee Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
CAA - Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Read reviews
Canadian Airways Congo (Congo Republic)
Canadian Helicopters Philippines Inc (Philippines)
CEIBA Intercontinental (Equatorial Guinea)
Central Asian Aviation Services - CAAS (Kyrgyzstan)
Cetraca Aviation Service - CAS (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
CFA Mozambique (Mozambique)
CFM - Trabalhos e Transportes Aereos LDA (Mozambique)
CHC Stellavia (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Chemtrad Aviation Corporation (Philippines)
Citilink Indonesia (Indonesia)
Click Airways (Kyrgyzstan)
CM Aero Services (Philippines)
COA - Coastal Aviation (Mozambique)
Comlux-KZ (Kazakhstan)
Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Congo Express (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Congo express Airlines (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Corporate Air (Philippines)
Cotair (Benin)
CPY- Cropsprayers (Mozambique)
CRA - CR Aviation LDA (Mozambique)
Cronos Airlines (Equatorial Guinea) Read reviews
Cyclone Airways (Philippines)
Daallo Airlines (Djibouti) Read reviews
Dabi Air Nusantara (Indonesia)
Dames (Kyrgyzstan)
Deraya Air Taxi (Indonesia)
Derazona Air Service (Indonesia)
Destiny Air Services, LTD (Sierra Leone)
Deta Air (Kazakhstan)
Diexim (Angola)
Dirgantara Air Service (Indonesia)
Doren Air Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Dove Airlines (Sudan)
Eagles Services (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
East Wing (Kazakhstan)
Eastindo (Indonesia)
EGAMS (Equatorial Guinea)
Elang Lintas Indonesia (Indonesia)
Elang Nusantara Air (Indonesia)
Elidiner Aviation (Sudan)
Emeraude (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Emilio Air Charter Lda (Mozambique)
Enggang air service (Indonesia)
Enterprise World Airways (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Ephrata Airlines (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Equaflight Services (Congo Republic) Read reviews
Equajet (Congo Republic)
Equatorial Congo Airlines (Congo Republic) Read reviews
Eritrean Airlines (Eritrea)
Ersa Eastern Aviation (Indonesia)
ETA - Empresa de Transportes Aereos LDA (Mozambique)
ETA - Empresa de transportes aéros LDA (Mozambique)
ETA Air Charter LDA (Mozambique)
Euro-Asia Air (Kazakhstan)
Euroguineana De Aviacion Y Transportes (Equatorial Guinea)
Euso-Asia Air International (Kazakhstan)
Executive Jet Services (Sao Tome And Principe)
F.F. Cruz And Company Inc (Philippines)
Far East Aviation Services (Philippines)
Fenix (Kazakhstan)
Filair (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Fishtail Air (Nepal)
Fly Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Fly Jet KZ (Kazakhstan)
Fly540 - Five Forty Aviation (Angola) Read reviews
Fourty Eight Aviation (Sudan)
Galaxy Kavatsi (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Gatari Air Service (Indonesia)
General Work Aviacion (Equatorial Guinea)
GETRA - Guinea Ecuatorial de Transportes (Equatorial Guinea)
Ghadames Air Transport (Libya)
Gilembe Air Soutenance (GISAIR) (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Gira Globo Aeronautica (Angola)
Global Aviation and Services (Libya)
Global Aviation Operation (Sao Tome And Principe)
Golden Rule Airlines (Kyrgyzstan)
Goliaf Air (Sao Tome And Principe)
Goma Air (Nepal)
Goma Express (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Gomair (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Green Flag Aviation (Sudan)
GST Aero Air Company (Kazakhstan)
GTRA (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Guinea Airways (Equatorial Guinea)
HCP - Helicopteros capital LDA (Mozambique)
Heavy Lift (Indonesia)
Heavylift Cargo (Sierra Leone)
Heavylift Cargo (Sierra Leone)
Helejetic Air (Sudan)
Heli Sky (Kyrgyzstan)
Heliang (Angola)
Helicopteros Capital (Mozambique)
Helimalongo (Angola)
Huma Corporation (Philippines)
IJT Aviation (Kazakhstan)
INAEC Aviation Corp (Philippines)
Indonesia Air Transport (Indonesia)
Intan Angkasa Air Service (Indonesia)
Interisland Airlines (Philippines)
International Air Services (Liberia)
Investavia (Kazakhstan)
Irtysh Air (Kazakhstan)
Island Aviation (Philippines)
Island Oil Exploration (Sao Tome And Principe)
Island Transvoyager (Philippines) Read reviews
ITAB - International Trans Air Business (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Itek Air (Kyrgyzstan)
Jayawijaya Dirgantara (Indonesia)
Jet Airlines (Kazakhstan)
Jet Congo Airlines (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Jet One (Kazakhstan)
Johnlin Air Transport (Indonesia)
Kal Star (Indonesia)
Kam Air (Afghanistan)
Kartika Airlines (Indonesia)
Kata Air Transport (Sudan)
Katanga Airways (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Katanga Express (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Katanga Wings (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Kay - Kaya Airlines, LDA (Mozambique)
Kazair Jet (Kazakhstan)
Kazairtrans Airline (Kazakhstan)
Kazairwest (Kazakhstan)
Kazavia (Kazakhstan)
Kazaviaspas (Kazakhstan)
Kin Avia (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Komala Indonesia (Indonesia)
Korongo Airlines (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Read reviews
Kura-Kura Aviation (Indonesia)
kush aviation (Sudan)
Kyrgyz Airlines (Kyrgyzstan)
Kyrgyz Trans Avia (Kyrgyzstan)
Kyrgyzstan Airlines (Kyrgyzstan)
LAC - Lignes Aériennes Congolaises (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Libyan Airlines (Libya)
Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique (Mozambique) Read reviews
Lion Air (Philippines)
Lion Air (Indonesia) Read reviews
Luk Aero / Anciennement Eastern Express (Kazakhstan)
Macro Asia Air Taxi Services (Philippines)
Magnum Air (Philippines)
Makalu air (Nepal)
Makond, LDA (Mozambique)
Malu Aviation (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Manang Air PVT LTD (Nepal)
Manas Airways (Kyrgyzstan)
Mango Airlines (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Manunggal Air Service (Indonesia)
Marsland Company (Sudan)
Martabuana Abadion (Indonesia)
Matthew Air Nusantara (Indonesia)
Mauritania Airways (Mauritania)
Mavewa (Angola)
Mavivi Air Trade (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
MAX Avia (Kyrgyzstan)
Mega Airlines (Kazakhstan)
Megantara Airlines (Indonesia)
Meridian Airways LTD (Ghana)
Merpati Nusantara (Indonesia) Read reviews
MEX - Moçambique Expresso, SARL Mex (Mozambique)
Mid Airlines (Sudan)
Mimika Air (Indonesia)
Mindanao Rainbow Agricultural Development Services (Philippines)
Miras (Kazakhstan)
Misibis Aviation & Development Corp (Philippines)
Mistral aviation (Congo Republic)
Mountain Helicopters (Nepal)
Mozambique Express - MEX (Mozambique)
Muktinath Airlines (Nepal)
My Indo Airlines (Indonesia)
Nam Air (Indonesia)
Nasair Eritrea (Eritrea)
National Utility Helicopter (Indonesia)
Nationale et Regionale Transport (Gabon)
Navigator (Kazakhstan)
Nepal Airlines Corporation (Nepal)
Northsky Air INC (Philippines)
Nova Airlines (Sudan)
Nusantara Air Charter (Indonesia)
Nusantara Buana Air (Indonesia)
Nusentara Aie Charter
Nyaman Air (Indonesia)
OHI - Omni Helicopteros International LDA (Mozambique)
Okapi Airlines (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Omni Aviation Corp (Philippines)
Orange Air Sierra Leone Ltd (Sierra Leone)
Orlan 2000 Aircompany (Kazakhstan)
Pacific Airways Corporation (Philippines)
Pacific Alliance Corporation (Philippines)
Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines Inc (Philippines)
Pacific Royale Airways (Indonesia)
Pamir Airlines (Afghanistan)
Pankh Center Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)
Paramount Airlines, LTD (Sierra Leone)
Patron Airways (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Pegasus (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Pegasus Air Services (Indonesia)
Pelita Air Service (Indonesia)
Penerbangan Angkasa Semestra (Indonesia)
Petro Air (Libya)
Philippine Agricultural Aviation Corp (Philippines)
Prime Aviation (Kazakhstan)
Punto Azul (Equatorial Guinea)
Pura Wisata Baruna (Indonesia)
Riau Airlines (Indonesia)
Royal Air (Benin)
Royal Air Charter Services Inc (Philippines)
Royal Star Aviation Inc (Philippines)
Rui & Conceicao
S Group Aviation (Kyrgyzstan)
S group international (Kyrgyzstan)
SAF - Safari Air LDA (Mozambique)
Safe Air (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Safi Airways (Afghanistan)
Salem Aircompany (Kazakhstan)
SAM - Solenta aviation mozambique SA (Mozambique)
Samal Air (Kazakhstan)
Sampurna Air Nusantara (Indonesia)
Satgur Air Transport (Liberia)
Sayakhat Airlines (Kazakhstan)
Sayap Garuda Indah (Indonesia)
SCAT (Kazakhstan)
SCD Aviation (Gabon)
Semeyavia (Kazakhstan)
Services Air (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Seven Four Eight Air Services Ltd (Sierra Leone)
Shree Airlines (Nepal)
Siem Reap Airways Intl (Cambodia)
Silberback Cargo Freighters (Rwanda)
Silverback Cargo Freighters (Rwanda)
Simrik air (Nepal)
Simrik Airlines (Nepal)
Sion Airlines (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Sita Air (Nepal)
Sky Aviation (Indonesia)
Sky Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
Sky Gabon (Gabon)
Sky Gate International Aviation (Kyrgyzstan)
Sky Kg Airlines (Kyrgyzstan)
Sky Way Air (Kyrgyzstan)
Skybus (Kazakhstan)
Skyjet (Kazakhstan)
Skyservice (Kazakhstan)
Smac (Indonesia)
Societe Nouvelle Air Congo (Congo Republic) Read reviews
Solenta Aviation Gabon (Gabon)
Sonair (Angola) Read reviews
South East Asia Inc (Philippines)
South East Asian Airlines (Philippines)
South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) International (Philippines)
Southern air flight services (Philippines)
Southstar Aviation Company Inc (Philippines)
Spirit Of Manila Airline Corporation (Philippines)
Sriwijaya Air (Indonesia) Read reviews
Star Equatorial Airlines (Equatorial Guinea)
State aviation enterprise under the Ministry of emergency situations (SAEMES) (Kyrgyzstan)
Stellar Airways (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
STP Airways (Sao Tome And Principe) Read reviews
Subic International Air Charter (Philippines)
Subic Seaplane Inc (Philippines)
Sudan Airways (Sudan)
Sudanese States Aviation Company (Sudan)
Sun Air Company (Sudan)
Supreme Aviation (Kyrgyzstan)
Survei Udara Penas (Indonesia)
Surya Air (Indonesia)
Swala Aviation (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Tango Airways (Equatorial Guinea)
Tara Air (Nepal)
Tarco Airlines (Sudan)
Teebah Airways (Sierra Leone)
Tenir Airlines (Kyrgyzstan)
Tez Jet (Kyrgyzstan)
TMK Air Commuter (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Topflite Airways Inc (Philippines)
Tracep Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Trans Air Benin (Benin)
Trans Air Cargo Services (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Trans Air Congo (Congo Republic) Read reviews
Transafrik International Ltd (Sao Tome And Principe)
Transair Cargo Services (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Transairways - Kaya Airlines (Mozambique)
Transcarg (Sao Tome And Principe)
Transglobal Airways Corporation (Philippines)
Transliz Aviation - TMS (Sao Tome And Principe)
Transnusa Air Services (Indonesia)
Transwisata Prima Aviation (Indonesia)
Tranwisata Prima Aviation (Indonesia)
Trast Aero (Kyrgyzstan)
Travel Expres Airlines (Indonesia)
Travira Utama (Indonesia)
Tri MG Intra Airlines (Indonesia)
Tri MG Intra Asia Airlines (Indonesia)
Trigana Air Service (Indonesia)
TTA - Trabalhos e Transportes Aereos LDA (Mozambique)
Tyan Shan (Kazakhstan)
UNINDO (Indonesia)
Unique Air Charter LDA (Mozambique)
Ust-Kamenogorsk (Kazakhstan)
UTAGE - Union de Transport Aereo de Guinea Ecuatorial (Equatorial Guinea)
Valor Air (Kyrgyzstan)
VR Cropsprayers Ida (Mozambique)
Waltair Aviation (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Wcc Aviation Company (Philippines)
Weasua Air Transport (Liberia)
Will Airlift (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Wimbi Dira Airways (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Wings Air (Indonesia) Read reviews
World Aviation Corp (Philippines)
Xpressair (Indonesia)
Yeti Airlines (Nepal)
Yokota Aviation Inc (Philippines)
Zaabu International (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Zambezi Airlines (Zambia) Read reviews
Zenith Air Inc (Philippines)
Zest Airways Incorporated (Philippines) Read reviews
Zhersu Avia (Kazakhstan)
Zhetysu Aircompany (Kazakhstan)
Zhezkazganair (Kazakhstan)