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Review of kamal boucetta about the flight Aigle Azur ZI755 between Toulouse and Oran on 19/02/2013 in Economy
kamal boucetta ZI / AAF TLS / ORN
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Very important...

Good morning,

The service provider, AVIA PARTNER, that takes charge of assistance at flight check-in for Aigle Azur flights at Toulouse Blagnac airport, has a particularly unpleasant element that has made an impression on me in the condescending and arrogant attitude shown both towards me and with regard to several passengers (particularly those of the north African type). I have named xxxx, check-in supervisor at desk 11 that day.

I am a regular customer of the airline (E-ticket 439 2401667599 of 12-01-2013, name Kamal). However, on 19 February 2013, on the Toulouse Oran flight, this person stood out so much through their mediocre sense of service that I took the trouble to take their name.

She began by asking me in a bossy, dry manner to check the dimensions of my cabin baggage, a business type with wheels that is certified to be in compliance with cabin baggage standards by my supplier. Furthermore, I would have thought that this would be obvious, since with a case like this you can see at first glance that this baggage is in compliance. Not content with making me cross two queues waiting to go to the to the check-in, she took her time at the desk before coming back to me, since the only papers she had in her hand were mine.

The Aigle Azur representative, present at the scene and embarrassed by this abuse, took the initiative to check my baggage and said that it was in compliance. At this moment, the supervisor arrived and made me go back, on the pretext that she had to carry out the test personally. Without protesting, I used the same smile that I have for my 5 year old when he abuses my good nature and plays me up.

Indeed, I am not the type to cause a scene and involve the diligent Arab in the performance. I would rather inform the company and let them address their responsibilities. I admire the dedication of the Aigle Azur staff at Blagnac and would not like such action to tarnish their reputation and rebound on Arabs in France (unfortunately, although this is a French airline, there is often confusion between the nationality of an airline and that of its passengers).

I have heard that this was not the first time for this person, so please remind Avia Partner to use a little more rigour in their choice of staff.

Kamal eddine Boucetta

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By kamal boucetta, about Aigle Azur, , close to Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France
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Aigle Azur

Aigle Azur replied


Cher @kamal boucetta,

Notre Service Relations Clientèle nous a confirmé avoir pris contact avec vous, nous espérons vous revoir très prochainement sur nos lignes.

Bien cordialement,

L'équipe Aigle Azur

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