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I regularly take round trips between the continent and Corsica. The quality of the service is getting worse and worse. The staff at the check-in (Marseille) was unpleasant. In Corsica they no longer hand out Le Matin, and the beverages were served hot (warm Orezza in the middle of August, that's not great). There were frequent delays. The high ticket price should at least assure good service.. Why is there no low-cost option for Marseille/Bastia?

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Economy MRS - BIA More than 2 years 1 reactions 10 views

A good flight on ATR

Check-in was online with a choice of seats, so I chose row 17 because the door of an ATR is at the back of the plane.

When I arrived at the airport in Marseilles, I didn't have to check any baggage, so I could go directly to my departure gate.

Boarding started on time. The bus that brought us to the plane was quickly crowded, since the flight was also full, but nevertheless, no problems with the bus.

Settling into the plane was pretty rapid and smooth. The overhead bins were a little small for carryon luggage, but strangely enough there was still space since people hadn't brought a lot of carryons.

They handed out the newspaper Corse Matin as we boarded.

Standard seats, which were pretty comfortable for a short flight. It was a little hot on the plane at the beginning, but the air conditioning quickly fixed that.

Takeoff was on time.
There was beverage service during the fligt with a choice of hot and cold. The flight crew was friendly and attentive.

We arrived in Bastia on time, so they were very punctual. Disembarkation by bus (quick).
In the end, whether I'm on an ATR plane or an Airbus plane, I'm always satisfied with Air Corsica.

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Economy MRS - BIA More than 3 years 3 reactions 34 views
Julien H.

Very good flight

The seats on this flight were comfortable, and this despite the fact that they were the new "thin", non-reclining ones. One little comment to make (and though you can't really blame Air Corsica for this as the flight only lasts 45 minutes): they only serve drinks (no little cakes or snacks). It's a shame there weren't more beers available. Otherwise, the cabin crew were very nice and the announcements were made in French, English and Corsican :)

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Economy MRS - BIA More than 3 years 1 reactions 16 views

Very nice flight!

Excellent flight between Corsica and the continent, as is often the case on CCM airplanes. There was some turbulence during the flight, but this was announced by the pilots and didn't diminish the pleasure of flying. The crew was very nice, whether in the cabin or the cockpit. In short, a quick and very efficient way of flying to Corsica.

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Economy MRS - BIA More than 3 years 3 reactions 12 views

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