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Great Flight!

The departure and return flights were both great.

The legroom was standard (Boeing 737-800). I think that for flights that last more than 2 hours they should use different planes that are more comfortable.

There was a film on the return flight but none on the departure flight, even though flight crew was always there to provide magazines or sell their products so it wasn't boring.

All the food cost extra (Only negative point).

For everything else both the return and departure flights were on time and the return flight was even 30 minutes early.
Great flight crew (they even spoke French) and both the pilot and crew kept us updated during the flight, which was on time.

Takeoff and landing were very good: no problems.

In short: 2 great flights on a very good airline.

Great quality/price ratio.

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Economy BRU - BJV More than 3 years 2 views

Bad experience

So-so flight. With a baby on our laps, we were seated in the middle of the plane, so there was place for it. Everything on board cost money. Nobody spoke French.

The return flight was almost empty so there was no problem finding a place. On the other hand, the stroller was placed in the baggage hold so we had to carry the baby all the way to the airport's baggage claim. This was unacceptable; the stroller was supposed to be available right when the plane landed.
For our next flight we will not be using this airline. Admittedly, it's cheap, but it was not a pleasant flight compared to Turkish Airlines or Pegasus!

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Economy SAW - CDG More than 3 years 6 reactions 79 views

Low-cost airline, nothing extra

A standard low-cost flight.
No problem with the schedule.
And that's it.

Very long check-in for an A320.
The plane was old and pretty noisy.
Zero onboard service, everything cost extra, which is normal on a low-cost flight.
Nice flight crew.
The pilot was nice and provided some details about the plane's location.

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Economy CDG - BJV More than 3 years 1 reactions 139 views

No information about the flight

We departed with the information from our travel agent that we would take a direct flight from Antalya to Toulouse, but, while we were flying over Bulgaria, we were told by the pilot (the only one who spoke French) that we would make a stopover in Copenhagen.
Seat: average
No in-flight entertainment
Meal: a very heavy sandwich
Cabin crew: not particularly smiling
Also, on the outward trip we could choose our seats while on the flight back, the rules had changed: the seats were numbered. No information was given.

Congratulations for protecting the planet:
Toulouse-Antalya (direct) = 3345 km
Toulouse-Copenhagen-Antalya = 4600 km

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Economy AYT - TLS More than 3 years 2 reactions 291 views

Great start to my vacations...

I have booked our planes four days before the departure. We trusted Corendon with the flight and hotel. The day of our departure (09/02/2013). We...

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Economy BRU - AYT More than 3 years 166 reactions 813 views


Flight from BXL to Heraklion.
No delays on both outward and return trips. Nice flight.
No problems. No problems checking the luggage.
Tickets bought online were received 10 days before the flight on my e-mail address.
The cabin crew was nice and polite.

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Economy BRU - HER More than 3 years 5 reactions 260 views

Very Good Flight

A very pleasant flight in both directions. One small point: the leg space could be a little bit larger. Good meal and drinks. Very good on board service. Hostesses and stewards very smiley and nice. The plane was very clean in both directions. Flights were on time. Thank you to Corendon for this super holiday to Marmaris and see you soon.

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Economy BRU - BJV More than 3 years 156 reactions 184 views
Caroline 7

On-time, decent staff

For the second time, flight was on-time and the aircraft was clean. Staff do not speak French but that's not a problem for me. Good check-in and no worries regarding luggage. Service bar a bit slow because all items need to be encoded one by one.

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Economy BRU - AYT More than 3 years 6 reactions 225 views

Des escros !!!

En mois de mai, j'ai du acheter un billet via internet et ma carte de crédit la transaction était fait et la somme prélever sur mon compte! quelque jour plus tard je m'aperçois que je n'ai pas eu de mail de retour avec un numéro de réservation etc... je les appelle pour expliquer la situation, ils me disent qu'il y a eu un problème lors de la finalisation de la transaction,et me disent qu'il faut que je refasse le paiement et qu'ils allaient me rembourser le premier prélèvement 133€. chose que j'ai fait et crue qu'il allaient le faire vue que j'avais des échangé par mail.
ça maintenant plus de 6 mois avec de nombreux mail et appels téléphonique, qui me font attendre et me disant qu'il aller refaire une relance à la comptabilité. il me prennent vraiment pour un idiot!!!

Donc un conseil, fuyez cette compagnie

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Economy FKB - AYT 05/2019

L'avion était propre et confortable, donnait un sentiment de sécurité. Il était en retard à l'aller comme au retour. Le personnel pas très sympathique et la nourriture quelquonque. Par contre les toilettes très propres.

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Economy GVA - AYT More than 3 years 7 reactions
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