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WOW! THE WORST AIRLINE EVER!!! WHAT A SCAM!!! Their ticket prices are slightly less than other airlines, but what they don't tell you until you get to the counter is they charge $80 to check your bag. That's an extra $160 on your ticket if you're flying round trip. They also charge for everything on the flight. Meals, snacks, water. By the time you're finished with all the extra payments you end up paying more for the trip than any other airline. In addition to all this each flight was either delayed or boarded very late. NEVER AGAIN!!

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Economy EWR - AMS More than 2 years

Good Service

I was traveling from Los Angeles to Paris (Via Reykjavik ).

I do not always carry cash, I use my credit card. So, when I was on the flight from Los Angeles to Reykjavik I wanted to purchase food but my credit card didn't go through, so the flight attendant asked if I had any cash, I said no. 10 mins later I was given food and drink for free of change because it was a long haul flight.

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Economy LAX - KEF More than 3 years 1 reactions

A Good Experience.

First successful experience with WOW air.
The plane made a good impression: clean, with a minimum amount of space.

The flight crew was friendly and welcoming. Of course, the coffee and other snacks cost extra, but that's how low-cost airlines work.

Only negative: the flight was 1h30min late.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 1 reactions

Garbage Airline!

The worst of airlines.

14 hour flight without water or food on board. I reserved a round trip flight.

On the departure flight they told me that I was allowed 1 piece of luggage, on the return it was no luggage.

11 pounds of hand luggage? I've never seen anything like that. The planes were real wrecks.

The worst of the worst. Zero service, zero sympathy for the customers.

Please do not make a reservation with this airline since the trip will end up being more expensive than one on a regular airline.

I strongly advise against it.

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Economy BWI - FRA More than 3 years

I Can't Recommend This to Anyone.

I had a very bad experience with this airline. There was a three-hour delay on the departure flight and a two-hour delay on the return flight.

No communication.

30 minutes of waiting to get to customer service.

If you can't speak English, it's even worse.

Everything cost extra. Luckily the staff was friendly.

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Economy CDG - SFO More than 3 years 1 reactions

Wow flight to Toronto via Iceland

Flight delayed no information texts or communication from Wow staff as to reasons. Took off 12 hours late arrived in Reykjavik no one to greet us from Wow.

Luggage was also not put on plane so we completed form for lost baggage. Next morning phone call saying why were we not at airport as flight was leaving in hour we had had no communication regarding this.

Arrived in Toronto no luggage, we could find no one to help fill in form to report it missing. Family have repeatedly called the super helpfull call centre in India.(No they are not) who made all kinds of promises which we found out they could not honour as only incoming call centre. They are there only to firefight and will direct you to emails to send.

Don't bother sending those either as they do not get answered we received the same generic email 5 times which did not answer any points we had raised. Luggage still not arrived 6 days later and wow tell me to have patience !

My advice do not travel with this shambles of an airline.

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Economy LGW - YYZ More than 3 years

Not too good really

This is just another low-cost airline like various others.
The seats were cramped and there wasn't enough legroom.
The take-off and landing were very good.
The problem was their punctuality: delayed by one hour, train missed, no goodwill gesture from the airline, and nobody for me to speak to at the desk at the Roissypôle complex at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 1 reactions 62 views

A reliable company

Competitive fares, punctual flights, rapid check-in, friendly crew, and little funny phrases scattered around the plane.
Admittedly, everything on board cost extra, but that's true on every low-cost airline. This was a trip of just a few hours, so it didn't matter that much.

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 1 reactions 26 views

Top Quality for the Price

First experience in Iceland, for my trip I tried out this low cost company which stood out from other price levels.

Flights there and back were both excellent, no delays, very nice welcome aboard, clean airplane and we were even offered an in-flight movie on the return trip (plan on having your own headphones however). Of course, you have to know how to play the game. There is a charge for drinks and snacks, as well as checked baggage, and carry-on baggage is limited to one bag per passenger.

Accustomed to trips and working in the air, I have been won over by this company's quality to price ratio (150€ round trip, including checked baggage and taxes, unbeatable for the destination!).

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Economy CDG - KEF More than 3 years 24 reactions 154 views

Very punctual flight, but average comfort

In terms of comfort, it's basic. Leg room is small, no room to move feet.
No entertainment on board, only the airline magazines in front of you.
No meal or snacks. Drinks for a fee.
Take off and landing very punctual, which is appreciated.
A little warm during the flight.
Little or no in-flight information.
Quick boarding and baggage check.
Flight attendants nice and cheerful.

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Economy KEF - CDG More than 3 years 9 reactions 95 views
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