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Horrible racist airline TUIfly BELGIUM

The worst experience of my life with this racist airline. Please don't fly with them, they will treat you very badly, for no reason. Well actually...

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Economy BRU - CUN 11/2017

An airline that has gotten worse.

An old plane, seats were in bad shape, no entertainment or television or radio. Everything cost extra, even water. Unpleasant crew.

No in-flight information.

On the other hand, they were on time.

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Economy FUE - SCN More than 2 years 1 views

The crew did not understand any French

On a flight from Antalya to Basel-Mulhouse (therefore a flight to France), no flight attendant spoke any French. I don’t speak or understand any German and many times they addressed me in German only, with disdain…. I’m sorry I’m French!

Aside from that, everything went well and the flight was adequately comfortable.

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Economy AYT - MLH More than 3 years 4 reactions 41 views

Flight from Frankfurt to Alanya

Flight from Frankfurt to Antalya. The flight was operated by the airline TuiFly. Both the inside and outside of the plane were in good shape. They...

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Economy HHN - AYT More than 3 years 6 reactions 97 views

A very pleasant flight.

Onboard service was faultless: 10/10.

However there was one small drawback: no announcements in French during the flight. The Alsatians didn't complain considering their proximity to Germany and that their language was being used.

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Economy RAK - MLH More than 3 years 5 reactions 67 views

A good flight overall

This flight was similar to the departure flight, with only a few changes. I will write down all of it for those who haven't read my previous...

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Economy PMI - MLH More than 3 years 12 reactions 118 views

Perfect flight

A punctual flight with a cheerful crew. The welcome gifts were: an inflatable TUIfly plane (about 8x8x8 in.), a little packet of Haribos and a piece...

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Economy MLH - PMI More than 3 years 5 reactions 69 views

Séjour gâché a cause d'un départ raté !!!

Suite à une mauvaise liste de passagers donné au comptoir d'enregistrement nous avons attendus plus de 2 heures debout devant le comptoir d'enregistrement et embarquement dans la foulée. Nous n'avons pas pu avoir nos sièges réservés malgré notre demande auprès de la chef de bord très autoritaire. Autrement le vol c'est bien déroulé, décollage et atterrissage aussi.Tout est payant à bord et nous n'avons même pas eu droit à un verre d'eau en compensation...

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Economy CFU - LYS 07/2018

Nous sommes partis à l'heure et arrivés plutôt que prévu...

Le vol c'est parfaitement déroulé nous avons eu nos sièges réservés à bord tout est payant.
Nous avons eu un vent arrière ce qui a certainement aidé pour l'avance sur l'horaire d'arrivée

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Economy plus LYS - CFU 07/2018
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