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A comfortable plane but . . .

A comfortable plane whose video system that had a wide variety of films in both English and French.
The legroom and the inclination of the seats were acceptable and the in-flight information was good. There was even the possibility of connecting to the internet during the flight.
The check-in and boarding were done quickly and the landing and takeoff were excellent (thanks to the pilot).
When we first arrived in the cabin it must have been over 100°F! The flight crew was frankly unpleasant and not at all helpful. What's worse, the quality of the food was at the same level as the quality of the staff. Atrocious.
Luckily Air France is starting a Paris - Muscat route.

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Economy MCT - CDG More than 3 years 9 reactions 2,4k views

Stopover in Muscat, then A330-200 return flight to CDG

Too long a wait at security; no business line, as they do it elsewhere. Lounge pleasant but overbooked! Boarding badly organised; no call for...

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Business MCT - CDG More than 3 years 15 reactions 1,4k views

Escale à Muscate sur le vol Katmandou Paris, l'avion a décollé de Muscate avec 6 h de retard. Pendant toute la durée de l'attente, nous n'avons eu aucune information, le personnel était introuvable. Au bout de 4H d'attente, on nous a simplement dit que si on ne partait pas la compagnie nous logerait à l'hôtel. On a finalement décollé à 19h (au lieu de 13H30) toujours sans explications et pas la moindre excuse. Arrivés à Paris à 2H du matin plus de car air france, plus de trains et rien de prévu par Omanair. On a donné à ceux qui insistaient une attestation de retard mais la compagnie ne répond pas aux mails de demandes de remboursements des frais engagés liés au retard (taxi, hôtel).

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Economy MCT - CDG More than 3 years

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