Management does not care … but employees do?

Review of Okgolfguy about the flight Oman Air between Dubai and Muscat on 01/12/2015 in Economy
Okgolfguy WY / OMA DXB / MCT
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Paul Gregorowitsch the CEO should read his own article published in his December 2015 issue of his inflight magazine if he wishes to retain and grow his customer base.

Fundamentally he should start listening to his customers and especially his own staff if he wishes to become a better and bigger airline. As a first time flyer on Oman Airline in the beginning of December 2015 it will be my last until management changes their attitude, policies and start helping and listening to the customer.

Our return flight from Muscat to Dubai was delayed for 4 hours. Not unusual for travelers but for Oman airlines it was a disaster. We arrived to the airport 2 hours in advance (3pm) but no one, including the ticket agent knew of the delay.

Supervisors were telling everyone that it was posted well before 2 pm for the 5:20 pm flight but no communication was sent to the passages. Some passengers were waiting as long as 11am for the connecting flight.

But the worse was yet to come. They did nothing for us while we were waiting. We asked them if we would be compensated for the delay and they said no. We asked them if we could sit in there award winning lounge upstairs and they said no. We asked them if we could sit in a regular waiting area and it was allowed for 15 minutes until someone else kicked us out and told us to go somewhere else.

When some of us asked an employee about our situation and to put them in our shoes for one minute, he said “ I know if I were you I would be upset, I would complain, I wish I could help you more but management refuses to listen to us.”

So Paul, if you happen to read my review of your airline you should be happy to know that as a frequent flyer in the UAE I have started to spread the word about Oman Airlines. I tell everyone that the people of Oman are very gracious, kind and hospitable but should be embarrassed by their national airline in the way they treat their customers.

I have told others who work for our company of 11,000 employees not to fly your airlines. I have broadcasted my story and will continue to do so in hope that you will listen to your customers and your employees.

I hope you will start to compensate travelers who have been stranded by your airlines and communicate to them when your planes have a problem. Perhaps you are trying to expand to fast (as I read in your magazine) and maybe it is time to focus on the traveler who is simply needs help.

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By Okgolfguy, about Oman Air, , close to Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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