Misbehavior by cabin crew & no actions taken by company

Review of alhajjrashid about the flight Oman Air between Muscat and Milan Malpensa on 30/10/2015 in Economy
alhajjrashid WY / OMA MCT / MXP
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

Oman Air is the worst airline in the world.

I have travelled by many airlines but never got such a pathetic service and worst crew.

This incident happened with me on 30.10.2015 flight no WY 143 from Muscat to Milan.

First of all pathetic service they did not gave me meal first because I was sleeping, after that when I asked they had no meals left, they arranged few things for me, it felt very dirty.

A cabin crew fall water on me and instead of a sorry she said fuck off bastard, senior flight attendant was also not interested to help out, only pilot came to her rescue. I have the crew girls photo, named Miss ., crew no ***34.

I wrote a complaint on board but no response, I filled in online feedback form they responded after 8days. Just a mail they will look into matter. Complaint no 31367&31437.

Mailed to all officials of Oman Air 100's of times, but still very late response, that also they will look.

I need a action against my insult, that also without any reason, instead of a sorry I am getting an abuse.

Oman Air and its officials are least bothered about their customers.

My request to all : never use Oman Air.

And Oman Air should shut down its feedback form online and on aircraft when they are least bothered about it.

Really fedup of complaining it to Oman Air in a hope they will respond and take a big action against it but they are not interested to here anything.

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By alhajjrashid, about Oman Air, , close to India
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jamboi67 replied

I totally agree. They treated me with contempt when I enquired why I could not exchange my miles for a smartphone. They insisted that I must go to Muscat duty free to collect it and won't send it out. This is a scam, why can't they post it to me???? I can only assume that they want people to travel to Oman thus bringing revenues into their country. This is sheet deceit! Instead of responding to my queries they blocked me from posting on their Facebook page. Oman Air is truly beneath contempt and a rubbish airline in every sense of the word.

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