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Value (price + quality) 2,82 / 5
Comfort 2,95 / 5
Costumer service 3,1 / 5
Your opinion of security 3,47 / 5
Food 2,79 / 5
Management of luggage 3,63 / 5
Comfort 2,95 / 5
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hpramboeck Worst flight experience ever 1/5
alhajjrashid Misbehavior by cabin crew & no actions taken by company 1/5
Okgolfguy Management does not care … but employees do? 1/5
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The worst flight in my entire life

Bad Food (3 travelers asked for doctor assistance because of stomach pane and nobody was caring enough, I didn't eat my food because of that).

Rude crew (the crew captain was bullying me and one of the lady staff was bullying everybody including me).

The basic complaint from me was that I didn't gave them the headphones 35 minutes before landing (in any case case they were behaving impolitely).

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Economy MCT - RUH 01/2017

Very poor service , dirty and old flight, dirty cups served during dinner , rotten and old juice was served

Everything was negative.

Very poor service in all aspects.

Dirty and old flight, dirty cups served during dinner, rotten and old juice was served.

Will never use this flight anymore or recommend to anyone either.

Bad customer service.

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Economy LHR - COK 12/2016
H Rose

Éviter Boeing 788 d'Oman Air

We booked in July a flight Paris/Muscat/ Bangkok on December on Oman Air in Airbus A 330.

This plane was noted as relatively comfortable with a width of 18. Meanwhile the plane was changed and we flew on a Boeing 788.

Never again !

3x3x3 distribution. Flight full and width of 17. as comfortable as a sardine box.

Food not good and staff absent. Oman air never again !

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Economy CDG - MCT 12/2016

Worst experience ever

Flew with Oman air for the first time, one of the worst airlines I have ever flown with. I will not fly with this rubbish airways even if they give me a free flight.

First it was delayed by 1:30 hrs at London, no apologies offered, in flight entertainment didn't work, only 1 meal served for a 7 hour flight, had to wait and keep asking repeatedly for fluids on board, nothing for kids to keep them occupied. No tea or coffee served. Air condition not working flight attendants least bothered.

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Economy LHR - BOM 08/2016

Very Good Flight

The plane was brand new. Good screens. There were movies in French and good food.

Airlines like China Southern are changing.

The only small drawback: Muscat airport (Muscat MCT) isn't that great.

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Economy CDG - MCT 05/2016 3 views

Management does not care … but employees do?

Paul Gregorowitsch the CEO should read his own article published in his December 2015 issue of his inflight magazine if he wishes to retain and grow...

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Economy DXB - MCT 12/2015 2 reactions 13 views

Misbehavior by cabin crew & no actions taken by company

Oman Air is the worst airline in the world. I have travelled by many airlines but never got such a pathetic service and worst crew. This incident...

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Economy MCT - MXP 10/2015 6 reactions 30 views

Baggage delayed compensation

I traveled via omanair on 6 Nov 2015 from Dubai to Jaipur via flights WY 612 and WY 271. However, when I reached Jaipur, I did not get my bag. I have filed PIR report with your Baggage Services Agents at Jaipur Airport.

I have collected baggage on 14 Nov 2015. I asked for compensation for delay. Omanair offered me only 40 USD as compensation and as per their policy(mentioned on link : , I am eligible for 20 USD for per kg.

It is really frustrating that I have faced mental stress and financial losses for their mistake and after lot of communication just received as 40 USD + 500 indian rupee as compensation.

I have sent multiple email to omanair regarding this issue however no luck :(.

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Economy DXB - JAI 11/2015 1 reactions 6 views

An airline to avoid!

This flight took off two hours late. This meant the connecting flight in Muscat was missed, yet it was the same airline; we ended up arriving 30 minutes after it took off.

The solution found was a flight ten hours later.

-As compensation, we were taken to a hotel to rest and eat at their expense.
-The toilets weren't cleaned or restocked with paper during the whole flight, which is something I've never seen before!

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Economy KUL - FRA 07/2015 7 reactions 332 views
Cindy M.

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