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Pretty Good Flight

The flight went pretty well. There was some ear pain for about fifteen minutes but otherwise it was a good flight.

There was no one sitting next to me, but there wasn't a lot of legroom either.
The flight crew was welcoming, beverages were offered. Only problem: departure was delayed by an hour.

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Economy LCY - DUB More than 2 years


It was my first time flying with Cityjet and the first time with a Bae-146. But it was a good plane and boarding went quick. We departed and arrived on time.

Of course you could not expect something special from meal but at least we got a sandwich and something to drink. The plane is a bit old but there was enough leg room. The crew was also very nice and friendly

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Economy CDG - DUS More than 3 years 1 views

A fast and comfortable flight

This is the second time I've flown with Cityjet (the first was a Paris ORY- London LCY flight) and once again I was happy with the trip. Departure...

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Economy LCY - NTE More than 3 years 1 reactions 79 views

WX for Air France: an embarrassment

An Avro 85, a plane left over from another era and salvaged from the now defunct Northwest Airlines, flies the CDG-Dublin route. I've flown on an...

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Economy CDG - DUB More than 3 years 19 reactions 214 views

Pleasant flight (CDG - DUB)

A small note about the context: there was an extended AIR FRANCE strike 2 days before the departure, which was originally supposed to be from Lyon...

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Economy CDG - DUB More than 3 years 36 reactions 112 views

Fokker 50, loud and shaky!

Since I don't usually fly on planes this size (2*2), and I'm kind of afraid of flying, this flight seemed a little long ^^. What I noticed the most...

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Economy ORY - LCY More than 3 years 7 reactions 93 views


I took an Air France flight operated by Cityjet to get to Ireland. I flew on board an Avro RJ85 (it had Cityjet colors on the departure flight and...

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Economy CDG - DUB More than 3 years 46 reactions 230 views

Run of the mill flight, decent airline

This was a flight lasting 1 h 30 min with this Air France subsidiary.
There was a slight delay at departure, but it was made up during the flight.
Boarding and check-in were absolutely spot on.
They are very flexible when it comes to cabin baggage (compared to Easyjet, who operate the same route).
The cabin was of a high standard but the planes are ageing.
The flight was noisy (it was a small plane, hence the nuisance caused by the engines being close by).
The English-speaking cabin crew were nice.
The service was decent.
The only negative point: there's very little communication with the passengers. For example, the captain lights the "attach your seatbelts" signs, then silence. Are we passing through a zone of turbulence? No idea. The two hostesses weren't present and didn't check that the safety advice had been followed. That's a bit strange.
There were no serious problems, but communication could be improved.

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Economy CDG - EDI More than 3 years 3 reactions 28 views

Pleasant flight

My flight with CityJet was very pleasant.
The plane was an Avro RJ-85. It was a short flight, but the plane was known for being very silent.
Unfortunately, the crew didn't speak French.
For a snack, they served us biscuits and a glass of Coca-Cola.
There wasn't a lot of in-flight entertainment, but this wasn't too bad, since the flight was of less than two hours.

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Economy CDG - DUB More than 3 years 2 reactions 36 views
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