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Southwest Airlines - The KING of LOST BAGS

Southwest Airlines lost not 1 but 2 of our checked bags out of 4 (my bag and my mother- in- law's bag) with 4 paid passengers with a checked bag for...

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Economy OAK - DFW 10/2017

Very good

A nice 1h40min flight from Las Vegas to Denver in a little Boeing that offered a level of comfort perfect for traveling across the USA at a good...

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Economy LAS - DEN More than 3 years 2 reactions 3 views


After a Zurich - Los Angeles flight, we had an internal flight.
They had changed the terminal and we arrived at T1 of LAX.
I had already checked in on the internet.
Baggage drop took 3 minutes. Efficient.
We saw that the flight had been delayed by 15 minutes (8:10 pm instead of 7:55 pm).
After a moment, the flight was delayed again—8:30 pm, then 9:00 am, then 9:30
pm. Knowing that there was a flight between LAX and Las Vegas every 45 to 60 minutes, I asked if we could be moved to another flight. There was no problem—in 2 minutes they had printed a new boarding pass.

The boarding system was very quick using numbers in the line. Efficient.
No assigned seats.
The 50-minute flight went by without problems. There was a huge party going on in the plane—bachelorette party in Vegas.
We arrived according to the schedule.

Once there, surprise, no need to wait for the luggage. It was on the conveyor belt when we arrived, it had followed us.

In conclusion, I would say that problems can always happen. The important thing is to manage them effectively. Southwest was 100% at that level. Congratulations.

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Economy LAX - LAS More than 3 years 5 reactions 31 views

Sit in the back

I went to the back of the plane, and had the whole row to myself, it was very nice. There was several rows in the back of the plane free. The rest of the flight was as scheduled.

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Economy MAF - DFW More than 3 years 1 reactions 3 views
Brandie J.

Fine Flight

Fine flight, with a short layover in Vegas. I was fortunate to get this flight since I has to find a new flight after missing a flight on another airline only the night before. As with all SW flights, I got to pick my own seats, which I appreciated.

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Economy LAX - MAF More than 3 years 2 reactions 1 views
Brandie J.

Very nice flight

Very nice flight, honest price, departure and arrival on time.
The ground crew was very professional, boarding was on time, the flight went without a hassle, nothing to complain about!
A very good low-cost, with a quality service!

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Economy SFO - LAS More than 3 years 6 reactions 19 views

Très bonne surprise

Départ légèrement retardé mais rien de bien important. Les snacks, boissons ainsi que 2 bagages en soute par personne sont gratuits! Le personnel est aimable et sympathique. Le vol s'est très bien déroulé. Un très bon rapport qualité prix!

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Economy DEN - SNA More than 2 years

Lamentable !

Lors de mes derniers commentaires sur cette compagnie, j'étais plutôt élogieux... mais quelle erreur. Nous devions partir de San Francisco, à 11h15...

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Economy SFO - LAX More than 3 years 8 reactions 24 views

Erreur de réservation

Vol Sacramento-Las Vegas

Suite à une erreur d'impression de la date sur le billet,la compagnie ne pouvait pas nous transporter sans certitudes sur notre présence conforme à bord ou non... Avion en plus complètement booké... Début du drame et week-end foutu dans la ville du jeu en perspective ! Le personnel nous a trouvé un vol avec escale à Phœnix, surclassé et sans frais avec seulement une perte de 3 heures sur le planning initial, le tout en franglais bien sûr !

Performance à noter du personnel et je leur tire mon chapeau pour ce jour ou tout partait mal et ou au final,la joie fut au rendez-vous...Super Southwest

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Economy SMF - PHX More than 3 years 1 reactions 2 views
Teledid N.
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