Winair : St Martin (Princess Juliana) - Saint Barthelemy

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Avoid this airline! Horrible!

Checked our bag in at St Martin counter for Win Air and bag never made it to St Bart. We watched Win Air agent (man) tag our bag in St Martin, put our bag on the belt and never saw it again. Only 7 people on our flight... How do you "lose" a bag on such a small flight at such a small airport? Most incompetent, dishonest people we have ever dealt with. No one seemed to care when we called repeatedly to search for it. We were told so many different stories from the Win Air baggage claim people in St Martin. Someone in St Martin is enjoying the contents of our bag. Medications, irreplaceable items, etc. Ruined our vacation. Awful! Avoid this airline at all costs !

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Economy SXM - SBH More than 2 years 1 views

Flying from St Marteen to St Barth

This airline is very well known by those who frequent the Antilles. The flight I took lasted about 20 minutes on board a very small aircraft with...

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Economy SXM - SBH More than 3 years 16 reactions 98 views

None of the airlines making super-short connecting flights from Juliana is pleasant to fly on

General: None of the airlines making super-short connecting flights from Juliana is pleasant to fly on, whether it's in a BN-2, Caravan or Twin.

Comfort: DHC-6, so designed for very short flights (15min).

Service: Domestic flights on a TwinOtter. You can't expect service.

Security: The famous smiles at Juliana customs, and their less famous habit of robbing arriving tourists by confiscating their property and money.

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Economy SXM - SBH More than 3 years 4 reactions

Petit vol sportif

Après une escale de 3H à Saint Martin, départ pour Saint Barth. Enregistrement rapide et courtois. Un peu d'attente en bas de l'escalier, prés de la...

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Economy SXM - SBH More than 3 years 3 reactions 27 views

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  • montée a bord de l'appareil. C'est le pilote qui s'occupe de l'accueil des passagers. Sympa :)