Victim of an highly unprofessional flight attendant

Review of Ex Serviceman about the flight Edelweiss Air between Ibiza and Zurich on 03/06/2016 in Economy
Ex Serviceman WK / EDW IBZ / ZRH
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

My experience with Edelweiss Air Flight LX8267 outbound from Ibiza to Zurich was an unenviable test of my temperament even from the point of check in.

I was informed at the Swiss Air check in desk that because my flight out of Zurich to Manchester Airport was at 07:00AM there could be no automatic luggage transfer from the Zurich bound flight to my Manchester bound flight, even though the desk staff couldn't seem to make their mind up about this at the time.

Please note that at Zurich arrival I was informed immediately off the flight by disembarking airport staff automatic transfer of luggage could and should have been arranged at desk.

After I had boarded flight LX8267 I noticed a female flight attendant coming down the isle towards me from the front of the plane handing out what appeared to be chocolates as the same airline had done on my journey to Ibiza. She after handing out chocolate to people in front of me completely ignored me and started handing out to people behind myself.

I tried to get her attention by saying "excuse me, don't I get any chocolate" I was met with a very aggressive scowl from her and then completely ignored.

Later on during the flight sandwiches were also being handed out once again after she had appeared to hand out three to the passengers in front of me I was completely ignored.

I was shortly after this offered a drink which I refused, I then requested the attention of the Chief Steward to make my complaint.

I then gave him my complaint details and he came back to inform me that I was offered a sandwich (which I had bought with flight) when I was offered a drink, this was untrue.

I then ceased to communicate with any of the Edelweiss Staff until I made my complaints to airport staff.

On boarding my concurrent flight to Manchester I was surprised to find a burly and aggressive male sat in my assigned seat even though his aisle seat behind mine and all the other seats positioned around mine were empty, I noted his put on surprise at being asked to move.

This bizarre treatment was completely at odds to the great service I experienced at the beginning of my trip with the same Airline, I will not repeat this mistake.

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'Natalie'(Flight Attendant) Patrick Toth(Chief Steward?)
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