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Damaged luggage NO HELP!

This airline managed to break two Samsonite hard shell bags which have made it all over the world including domestic flights in Asia. They did this on both journeys to and from Swiss to the UK. They have failed to help with this issue since March and the bags are valued over 1K GBP. They do not respond to emails and do not fix your bag! I would rather fly BA any day at least you can count on getting your bags repaired or replaced in the event something happened to them. With this airline if your not Swiss you have NO chance! DONT FLY! Sometimes cheaper is not better! In my case, I only flew the airline because there are no other direct flights between the two cities , however in the future I would rather go via London than flight direct with this airline ever again!

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Economy ZRH - EDI 03/2018

Victim of an highly unprofessional flight attendant

My experience with Edelweiss Air Flight LX8267 outbound from Ibiza to Zurich was an unenviable test of my temperament even from the point of check...

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Economy IBZ - ZRH More than 3 years 7 reactions 21 views
Ex Serviceman

A Good Airline.

We left Cuba as a family. The flight went well, the on-board service was great and the flight crew was professional and available.

The seats were good for economy class, as was the food.

The quality/price ration for a direct flight to Cuba was reasonable.

We will definitely be using this airline again for our future flights.

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Economy ZRH - HAV More than 3 years

Excellent Flight.

The plane seemed new.

Perfect takeoff and landing.

The flight crew was extremely pleasant and very professional.

Perfect punctuality.

I recommend this airline!

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Economy CDG - ZRH More than 3 years

Catastrophic Reservation System

In August, I reserved and paid for an economy max ticket on a flight leaving at the end of December (200 frs extra). When I made the reservation on the Internet, the plane was almost empty.

When I arrived at the airport window on the day of departure, they gave me a regular economy ticket.

After I complained, they told me that the whole economy max class was already reserved and I could only ask for reimbursement in written form after the trip was over (since the airline didn't have its own window)! Not only that, it could only be in German or English.

This company doesn't feel Swiss anymore since it was bought by the Germans.

In addition, the seats weren't comfortable, especially for a long flight.

The only positive things were the onboard service and the quality of the meal.

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Economy plus ZRH - PUJ More than 3 years 1 views

Never again

Uncomfortable very little space and low low standart....I hoped it was as nice as Swiss air service and standard but it was not at all....

And for so many hours, omg what a trip... people were to close to eachother and there was an unhappy vibe from Zürich to Phuket... never never edelweiss again...

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Economy ZRH - HKT More than 3 years

Very Good Flight

The plane was on time.

A good flight despite some turbulence.

Excellent service.

Very good hot meal.

They gave us a small gift of Christmas cookies.

The plane was comfortable with enough space between the seats.

Edelweiss quality, as always.

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Economy KTT - ZRH More than 3 years 1 views

An Enjoyable Five Hours

Zurich-LV flight with Edelweiss. We flew on their new Business Class, which had been renovated. The flight was on time. Excellent meal, large...

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Business ZRH - LAS More than 3 years 6 reactions 145 views

Excellent flight!

I used Edelweiss air for the first time in economy class for Zurich to Tampa on the 16/01/2015 and return flight on 03/02/2015. Seats are great...

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Economy ZRH - TPA More than 3 years 7 reactions 127 views
David R

Normally great, but now terrible

Booked flights with reasonable departure and arrival times - and then they changed the times to middle of the night rubbish. Hard anyway, and terrible with a family. Of course, by the time I found out (no notification by the way) all the other options (with what were now better timings) had sold out. Great, thanks.

So, if they move back to original timings great - if not, avoid and book other, better, options.

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Economy ZRH - HKT More than 3 years 1 reactions 14 views
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