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Worst flight ever

We have travelled all over the world many times and this is the worst airline we have ever experienced. If you are 75 lbs and maybe a tiny child you will be able to fit into the seats.

I have seen narrow seats but these are nuts. Weighing only 102 lbs and a tiny person I was not able to even turn slightly. To sit for 5.5 hours is cruel and extremely dangerous to your health. I purchased the seat with extra leg room thank heavens but the seat size was the same throughout the plane. Czech Republic is where the planes are from and to think these seats are acceptable is sitting with blinders on.

Someone is going to die.

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Business YXE - CUN More than 3 years

Worthy of a standard tour operator

This was a flight organised by a tour operator to Cuba. The customers for a flight of this kind are often not very familiar with travelling.

There's no possibility of checking in beforehand or via a machine at the airport. You therefore have to join the interminable queue at the check-in desk.

The plane was clean and seemed relatively new. The meals were acceptable, bearing in mind the price paid for this kind of flight. You can't expect a meal of the standard provided by the world's major airlines.

The cabin crew were very nice, though the service was very slow.

A good flight in general!

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Economy YQB - HOG More than 3 years 4 reactions 3 views

CheapWing !

Bonjour, aujourd'hui, on va parler d'une certaine compagnie soit... soit... Ok, j'ai enfin le courage : SunWing C'est une compagnie charter...

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Economy YUL - PUJ More than 3 years 5 reactions 31 views
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