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Review of LetsReview about the flight Wizz Air Hungary between London Luton and Prague on 03/12/2016 in Economy
LetsReview W6 / WZZ LTN / PRG
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We urge all people who are reading these reviews to boycott WizzAir and never use them again. Considering the amount of negative reviews on Trustpilot and ANY other platforms, it is clear Wizz Air cheaters should not be pocketing any profit and should go bankrupt. Be aware that Wizz Air staff is on commission from luggage fees they are pocketing, which is why they are on the mission to rip you off at any cost. Stay away from the team leader Emma at Luton airport who exceeded her power of authority and regularly argued with passengers considering that she grabbed one passenger’s hand and hid her badge when they tried to write down her name in the notes on their phone. These people need a lesson this is why we decided to publish the terrific incident.

Luton ground handling staff for Wizz Air (employed by Swissport) had an argument with three independent passengers and prevented one passenger boarding the plane. It all started with handling staff trying to rip off first passenger with 40 GBP for the fact that the wheels of her luggage were protruding 1 cm although the luggage fitted perfectly into the measuring device - luggage was inserted facing luggage handle down and luggage wheels upwards. Second passenger seeing how rude and unprofessional the staff was, tried to step up and express that Wizz Air had to stop ripping every single passenger whenever the wheels were protruding 1 cm as she had been observing this lawlessness with at least 10 passengers on each flight she was taking every weekend. The staff was refusing to call the manager so seeing how the staff was treating two passengers in a disgusting manner, a third passenger stepped in to defend the first and second passenger but the staff then started to argue with the third passenger. The staff threatened the third passenger would be denied boarding unless he apologized so he had to obey their order to be allowed on the plane. When team leader Emma finally arrived, she continued arguing with three independent passengers. When a second passenger tried to write down team leader’s full name in the notes on her phone, Emma grabbed second passenger’s hand and hid her badge. When as second passenger questioned her what was she doing and why she was allowing herself such behavior, she responded that supposedly “people like her were always taking photo of her” which was obvious Emma was having arguments with passengers on regular basis.

Emma bluntly refused to provide her full name no matter how many she was requested but admitted that there should not be any charge for the protruding wheels. The whole situation was going out for control and a second passenger had to take a video for the customer service purposes (there are no restrictions to take photos/videos of people in the public areas of the airport). Three ground handling staff then started preventing second passenger from boarding on the plane by using a physical force which left her with bruises (injuries were medically recorded). Second passenger was harassed all the way to the entrance of the plane and was pushed onto a third passenger who fell face first in to the plane, unable to properly support his fall due to his arm still being held. Three passengers quickly explained to the crew staff and the pilot about what happened and the pilot stated that he was taking full responsibility to accept second passenger on board but the ground handling staff refused to obey and called the police. The police tried to negotiate with ground handling staff for a second passenger to be admitted on the plane but were unsuccessful. Second passenger was interviewed in the police car where she pressed charges against ground handling staff and went home but since harassment happened outside of CCTV area, Emma and ground handling staff managed to escape conviction.

After complaining to Wizz Air, we received response from Karim Asadi, Customer Service department that the ground handling agent’s decision was beyond Wizz Air jurisdiction and they could not affect them and that filming cabin crew was forbidden and sent us measurements of the hand luggage. Some of the points we responded to Wizz Air were that Wizz Air would be pursued in judging court in case our compliant was not satisfactory and that we took a video of the ground staff and NOT cabin crew and asked to explain why handling agents tried to charge for the luggage that was fitting perfectly into a measuring device but Wizz Air never bothered to respond. We contacted József Váradi via Linkedin to resolve this case but he obviously ignored us. Leadership is the root cause of an organizations failure and demise. Stay away from this dodgy scammers called Wizz Air.

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