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Review of #31412 about the flight Wizz Air Hungary between London Luton and Gdansk on 25/07/2019 in Economy
#31412 W6 / WZZ LTN / GDN

On Wed 25 July I arrived at Luton airport. My boarding card barcode wouldn’t work. (I had booked a seat and priority boarding). I had to go to enquiries desk to get a new boarding pass and I noticed that the seat that I had booked became cancelled. Told to go to gate. Arrived at gate waited for new seat. Made to wait until end of boarding and was told flight full you can’t fly. No mention of the seat I already had in fact they pretended they couldn’t hear me when I asked about the seat that magically disappeared. They didn’t ask for volunteers to be bumped off the flight (& usually the bumped off passenger should receive compensation to be a volunteer). Even their own website says this should happen. Told to wait at gate 6 to be collected to go back to “Landside”. “Trapped” there for a very long time as no one came. Courtesy telephone just rang and rang and took
About 6 attempts for someone to deem to pick up. Eventually met with a clueless dim flight re-booking agent with zero customer service skills. Wasn’t offered a meal voucher (this should happen). I was refused. First available flight two days later arriving at midnight! Hardly worth flying since I was due to fly back on 29th. I was given a customer service tel number to ring to find out why I was denied boarding. Man I spoke to had the audacity to ask why I was calling him! I tried to phone twice in case the second call was different - the ans I received was same non response. I have made a claim for compensation under denied boarding EU directive 2004 but I have read on many reviews that Wizz Air try and dodge paying it. Will go to small claims court and arbitration is needs be and will write reviews on all major websites about that failure and incompetence of Wizz Air. I would imagine due to viral marketing and all the reviews I have published means at least a few 100 people already know about my terrible Wizz Air experience.

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