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Review of Natty about the flight Wizz Air Hungary between London Luton and Prague on 21/05/2018 in Economy
Natty W6 / WZZ LTN / PRG

Flew to Prague with Wizz air. On the way out there they got us all on the plane. Pilot announced 20 minute delay, that's alright it's only 20 minutes. Then we continued to sit on the plane for AN HOUR AND A HALF. Staff didn't seem to know what was going on, there were no other announcements. No apologies, nothing. We tweeted Wizz air asking for an update and they sent us a link to a website that said our planes original take off time? Helpful- I think not. Pilot then tells the crew we are taking off still no apologies, no reason given but thank God we did actually take off. The worst part was we had a late night flight and were meant to arrive at 9.30pm. We landed at 11.30pm and our check-in for our apartment stops at midnight. So we abandoned our original transfers to get a taxi so that we could arrive with 5 minutes to spare otherwise we'd have had to sleep on the street.
We thought this might be a one off... But nope. Flight home they got us all boarded onto the buses to go to the plane and then kept us there for an hour and a half, the website did actually say delays but then didn't update when it was delayed a further hour. We finally got to the plane and took off quite quickly this time. We landed home two hours late and our parking had expired. But atleast on the way home they did finally apologize when we landed and said the 'airpace was busy' for two hours? Don't fly with them, they can't even do time management and it's not worth the late check-in fees and overstay in the carpark, works out as much as flying with easyJet.

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By Natty, about Wizz Air Hungary, , close to Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, via its phone
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