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W6 / WZZ

Worst airline I've experienced in my life - disorganised, rude and extortionate

Truly shocked by how horrible and stressful the Wizz Air experience was. 1. Check-in queue was 1 hour long and chaotic because they were inefficient...

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Economy BUD - LGW 10/2019 2 reactions
G Duncan

Wizz Air Check In Scam

I’ve just returned from Ohrid to Luton having been charged 35euro each for my family of 5 because I checked in at the airport. On the outbound...

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Economy OHD - LTN 08/2019

Extra fees but no service for them

I bought tickets with 2 months in advance and paying the priority fee plus the membership one demanded so you can buy priority.
I did the check in at home the morning of my departure and I arrived at the airport to find out I was actually in stand by as I did the check in too late. So I payed for priority to be the LAST one to board the flight, and I was told by their on site operator that he was doing all he could to get me on the plane.
So , very angry, I demanded my 9 euros back - which will not happen as I used the flight and it`s not their policy to return you the money you payed for services not offered .I was so enraged I would have demanded 0.001 euros back !
Attention on :
* luggage - dimension and weight - all pays extra and too much
* check in - they will charge you even if the online system was not on, unless you prove without a doubt that it was not working
*there are no snacks included. Be prepared to pay for water .

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Economy IAS - BLQ 04/2019

Avoid at all costs

Was supposed to fly from Glasgow but they cancelled the flight and offered to fly us from London instead. They didn’t bother to help us get from Glasgow to London although these are different cities in different countries slmost 650 km apart snd it was their duty. It took me 1 year to get my money back from them and I intend to report them to CAA so they get a hefty fine. From their FB page I could see they make a habit to camcel flights without offering re-routing, they take advantage that people don’t know their rights or don’t want to fight with them. They also have delays most of the time.

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Economy LTN - OTP 01/2018

Absolute rip-off!! DO NOT FLY.

How this airline is still allowed to be in business I don't understand. I for one am complaining to the CAA. They fleece you at every opportunity, deliberately seating you apart for one. But the biggest problem I have is that they close down the online check in and make it impossible for you to check in, and then charge you OBSCENE amounts, around 80 EUR for me and my partner to check it at the desk. What must it cost them? Around 5 pence in paper? How are they allowed to do that, and why do they feel the need to treat paying customers like that!?

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Economy VNO - LTN 08/2018

Absolutely terrible

Absolutely terrible. Online check-in was unclear and the summary of booking information, which I carefully went through in the morning of my flight...

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Economy LJU - CRL 09/2018

Its how I imagine the mafia would run an airline, if they were in charge! Avoid like the plague!

I travelled about a month ago to Albania with Wizz and on my return I was meant to take Wizz to Budapest and Ryanair thereafter to London. The night...

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Economy TIA - BUD 08/2018
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