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W6 / WZZ


Biggest scam airline ever. Must be run by the Hungarian Mafia. Our difficulties started long before we went to the airport. First thing I noticed at...

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Economy BUD - OTP 03/2018 1 reactions

Stay away from Wizz Air if you can!

The service is terrible, the staff are rude and the customer service is appalling! They are very stringent with the rules and do not care about the customers at all. I have seen them preying on customers to get more money by measuring and weighing customers bags to the gram/mm.

They have absolutely no compassion either, if you need to change or cancel your flight because a direct family member has died, or been taken to hospital, or if you have had a family emergency preventing you from keeping your reservation they will still charge you to cancel it or change it, they will not even allow you credit to use later. There is no such thing as 'consideration of special circumstances' with this company despite their website saying there is. The Wizz air attitude is that the Customer comes last. I say again, do not use Wizz Air unless you have no other option!

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Economy BHX - WAW 08/2017 1 reactions
Basia Badek

Worst experience ever

I don't think I was ever more frustrated than with this Wizzair. Definitely don't want to flight with them again. The ticket price was reasonable, but they charged a lot extra for little things and details that I couldn't change anymore when I got there. I didn't have a choice but to go on with the prices. Check in online was a pain, and when I wanted to change the baggage options was also very frustrating to use their webside, they still have problems charging my credit card. I don't know how they are trying to keep clients like this. A total mess and very stressful experience with for me. Plus the staff was not polite at all, they did not give a smile at all. I felt like I was disturbing them when I asked for help. Not going to flight with Wizzair again.

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Economy OTP - CLJ 08/2017
Olga S.


Do not fly with Wizz Air, if things go wrong, they leave you stranded. Customer service is horrendous!

There are no positive aspects to be listed here.

They like to lose luggage, they are rude, they do not provide customer service... Stay away if you do not like gambles and with everything costing extra, it is not even a cheap air line!

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Economy LTN - OTP 08/2016
Diana Z.

Good flight.

The plane was new, the cabin - clean. The seat was comfortable, with enough leg room. No entertainment was present. All the offered onboard meals / snacks / beverages - were for extra cost. Check-in and boarding were quite normal ; landing and taking off - accurate ; flight attendants - polite and friendly. Recommended.

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Economy DTM - IEV 08/2016

Return to Sofia

It was a really comfortable flight. Me and my friend had the possibility to seat on the premium seats because the crew asked us to occupy the places...

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Economy MLA - SOF More than 2 years 1 reactions 2 views

Brilliant again!

The boarding process was completed rapidly using a gangway. We took off on schedule. The cabin crew were nice. The plane was more or less full. We arrived in Charleroi 30 minutes ahead of schedule! The plane was well-maintained!

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Economy OTP - CRL More than 3 years 2 reactions 14 views

An airline that never disappoints!

Boarding was very fast. The plane took off exactly on time. The pilots were very good and the stewardesses very nice. The airline's colours are superb! Arrived in Bucharest on schedule!

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Economy CRL - OTP More than 3 years 2 reactions 8 views

Perfectly acceptable

Although I usually take Air Baltic on the Paris-Riga route, I decided to try this new airline because of its good prices.

Yes, like all low-cost airlines, you pay a lot for luggage - but that's a given.

The flight was delayed by 40 minutes, but that can happen.

I recommend getting extra legs seats, which have more legroom. You'll feel like you're traveling first class on the TGV.
The luggage arrived pretty quickly.
The food cost extra, but good, and you could eat when you arrived.

The announcements were made in English and in Latvian, nice.

In short, much more competitive than Air Baltic in terms of price.
And afterward you can visit Beauvais Cathedral.

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Economy BVA - RIX More than 3 years 1 reactions 37 views
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