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Review of Yul about the flight Vueling Airlines between Barcelona and Stockholm Arlanda on 16/10/2019 in Economy

Vueling doesn't care about customers at all. People at the help desk give you an unbelievable attitude.
Here is what happened:
My flight was on October 16th, 2019. When I came to check-in the woman said that my plane left on October 15th and was canceled on 16th, while when I logged in to my booking a couple of times before coming to the airport, it was showing that the flight is on 16th and it is on-time. Vueling never sent me any emails notifying about a date or time change.
2 women (one of them was a manager) at Vueling ticket office/help desk (I'm not sure how they call it) showed there attitude, while I was talking to them in a very polite manner. They weren't helpful at all and asked me not to cause a huge line behind me and also go and buy a new ticket.
I submit a request for refund and compensation for my canceled flight to the company but got a refusal saying: 'After analyzing your case we inform you that according to the information registered in our databases your flight was affected by circumstances beyond the company’s control.

We regret to inform you that, in accordance with EC Regulation 261/2004, you are not entitled to compensation.

Some factors -such as adverse weather conditions, strikes, diversions, bird strikes, runway closures, etc.- are completely beyond the company’s control."

However, I highly doubt that it wasn't something beyond the company's control. On that day almost every single flight left on-time. So I assume they're just lying in order not to pay compensation.

I wish I had time to take this case to the court.

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By Yul, about Vueling Airlines,
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